Levitz furniture - Levitz furniture, Long Island, NY - deliveries not made when promised - no guarantee of delivery date

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 54047c0e

Company: Levitz furniture

Category: Furniture

I went to Levitz on Old Country Road, Which is on Long Island and purchased an entire living room set. The first thing that upset me was when we were being helped by a salesman by the name of Tony, which led us to believe in his wording that if we put a deposit on the Furniture that day being the warranty was not showing up caused by a glitch in the system we would not be charged (a sales pitch), We did not leave a deposit that night but upon returning the next night and asking for Tony once he saw it was us, he asked another salesman by the name of Paul to assist us.

Paul was very nice and we have no complaints about him what so ever, but of course Tony did not want to deal with the warranty issue of which we never received. Paul was very professional and because of that my father whom was with us at the time decided to purchase a new couch for his Den that same evening from Paul. The real issue though is we were told after checking the inventory that our furniture was available in the warehouse and would be delivered in full on August 27th.

I am on a new job and cannot take any time off so my husband took the day. Thursday, August 14th we received a phone call telling us that our whole order could not be delivered due to the fact that what the computer said was in inventory and what the warehouse actually had was incorrect. I was told that the love seat would be delivered on Sept. 10th.

Now my husband took 2 days off. Today I received a phone call and now the 1st delivery due on August 27th will not be delivered till the 29th of August. Other than living on the floor with no furniture and more important is the requesting the time off from work which is not always flexible and at this point absolutely ridiculous. I called customer service and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Alain he was not nasty but by no means not the kind of person who should be in his posistion.

I explained to him I was quite upset and angry, I explained all to him and he said nothing he could do that it was the Manufacturer. First it was the warehouse now the Manufacturer, Where does Levitz become responsible for any of this? That is what I would like to know. I then wanted to know what kind of compensation they give to customers for all the grief and aggravation caused, he said none and wanted to know exactly what kind of compensation I wanted.

I guess Levitz needs to get a better policy on how to make the customer happy. because I was even angrier when I finished speaking with this person. I love the slogan you'll love it at Levitz. If I knew Levitz treated their customers like this I never would have purchased anything from them.

Things happen that I know but this is on going, I also asked customer service for the number of someone in upper management and the Manufacturer,both of which he said he could not. I was also told by Customer service that there is no guaranty that the date won't change again. I can't see a place staying in business under these circumstances.


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