1998 Honda Civic V-tec - trouble repairing ABS braking sytem

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by f7cce2e0

Company: 1998 Honda Civic V-tec - trouble repairing ABS braking sytem

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RE: 1998 Honda Civic V-tec - trouble repairing ABS braking sytem

Dear Sir I would like to tell u that I have recently purchased a second hand 98 Civic V-tec and was greatly impressed about the power under the hood. This isn't my first Honda and I have always believed that Honda's service (when still part of Merc dealership) was very good as well as their vehicles. After a ABS stop my ABS failed to reset and was advised to take the car to Honda to get it fixed as it was said that it isn't a 5 minute job to determine the fault. I however booked my car in and was advised that the Fail Safe relay which is situated in the ABS control box and needs to be replaced. I managed to obtain a second hand 2001 ABS unit. When tested by the seller it was found that the fail safe relay was still faulty. I booked the car in again 2 weeks later and was assured by the Honda Westside manager that they will repair the ABS and let me know what is happening. At 12 o'clock Tuesday I was advised that Honda S.A. came out to investigate the fault as they are unable to repair the fault. Honda S.A. then discovered that the part numbers doesn't match the original part fitted in the car. I then went back to the ABS seller and obtained a second unit from seller and dropped of at Honda at 13:00. Friday I went to fetch my car as they were unable to repair the fault and suggested that I take the car to a auto electrician to get it fixed. After this encounter I decided to take this into my own hands and look for the fault my-self. Sunday afternoon I decided to give it a bash as I managed to obtain a schematic for the ABS. I found that the power feed 12V through the 20A fuse was not present. I repaired this and restored fault to ABS. I would like to know if these people are competent and trained on Honda's. Are they capable of fixing and servicing my Precious Baby or should I go to a another dealer that is able to give me the service that Honda was providing before.

Thanks again and hope that u can give me a respond R.J. Labuschagne


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