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Posted on Tuesday, August 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by afd3f288

Company: Ask Dr. Tech

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If you're thinking about signing up for Ask Dr. Tech, I would strongly advise against it. In my experience, they are not only technically incompetent, but also their customer support is non-existent. If you are not happy with their service, they will ignore you. After reading a positive review of Ask Dr. Tech and perusing their website, in May 2002 I bought a year's support for myself and my wife. The price was $133.00. At the time I had a computer problem. I had reinstalled Windows 2000 a couple of months earlier. My network was working okay, but I needed to tweak some settings and my "Network and dial-up connections" window had only a "Make New Connection" icon. There was no "Local Area Connection" icon for my existing network. I submitted a question to Ask Dr. Tech. I explained the problem and told them what steps I'd already taken, which included checking the properties of my network card in Device Manager, and confirmed my network was working in spite of the absence of the "Local Area Connection" icon. They wrote back and said that first I should make sure that my network card was properly installed. Then they gave me a link to a site that gave basic instructions on how to set up a home network. I was shocked - hadn't the tech even read my question? A few moments later I received an email from Ask Dr. Tech asking me to fill out an online customer satisfaction survey. I went to the webpage and filled out the form, but could not submit it due to an error on the page. I resubmitted my question. A technician wrote back and said I could fix the problem by adjusting the properties of my "Local Area Connection" icon in the Control Panel - just what I'd told them was missing! I got another request to complete a customer satisfaction survey. I tried again because at this point I was anxious to find out why Ask Dr. Tech not only could not answer my question, but apparently could not even read it. I tried different things on the webpage but could not submit the form. I submitted my question again in the form of a complaint. I included a screen capture of my networks window showing the absence of the "Local Area Connection" icon. This time I got a reasonable response - a link to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article that did, after some study, lead to a solution. Ask Dr. Tech offered no help other than supplying the link. Meanwhile my wife was trying some of Ask Dr. Tech's online tools, but determined that they were having technical difficulties. At the beginning of June my wife encountered a problem - she was getting "Page cannot be displayed" errors when trying to connect to several websites. I was able to access the same pages with my desktop and notebook computers, and my wife was able to access them with her notebook. Her desktop, however, failed. (We connect to the Internet by cable modem over a

LAN.) My wife wrote to Ask Dr. Tech for support. (She also complained that it is very difficult to find on the Ask Dr. Tech website instructions on how to request support via email - which it is.) Ask Dr. Tech responded with a list of questions (example: "How are you doing with your downloads?"). My wife answered the questions. Ask Dr. Tech responded that they had tried to access the same sites and found that most of the links on the sites were inactive, so the problem was with the sites themselves. At this point my wife decided to call Ask Dr. Tech on the telephone. She wanted to explain again that we were having no problems with the sites except when using her desktop computer. She called the number given on the website and it had been disconnected. She emailed Ask Dr. Tech again and was given another phone number, which she called. Eventually she was able to talk with a technician, but to say the tech was clueless would be generous. He continued to insist that the problem was with the websites. Seeing that Ask Dr. Tech would be no help, I did some searching in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. I found the solution in about 15 minutes - my wife created a new user in Windows XP and the problem disappeared. On 6 June I sent a snail mail letter to Ask Dr. Tech. I outlined our experiences and said that I didn't think they would be able to answer the types of questions I would be likely to ask. I requested a refund. Ask Dr. Tech did not respond to my letter. On 13 July I wrote again to the Ask Dr. Tech office, repeated my request, and pleaded for the courtesy of a response. It is now 18 August and I have heard nothing from Ask Dr. Tech. Obviously, I am very unhappy. It is one thing that Ask Dr. Tech has a poor website (except for promoting themselves) and was both frustrating and practically useless on our two support requests, but I think any reputable company would at least respond to a customer complaint. Kurt

Dublin, California


44016f96, 2008-12-22, 05:28PM CST

Dear Kurt Freund,

Sorry for such inconveniences with our service. We were looking for your account in our database, but were unable to locate it. Maybe you were using the service from a different name?

Also, please notice that Ask Dr. Tech has always been providing a service at the following rates:

1 PC - $89 for an annual subscription plan.

2 PCs - $149 for an annual subscription plan.

There have never been any subscription plans that cost $133.

Ask Dr. Tech was founded in April 1999 and became a service of, Inc. in March 2005. So, with the purchase of the company all bases of clients were passed to, Inc. as well.

All our customers can get full refund either through our office or bank.

We can offer trouble-free support via phone, online, e-mail, remote screen sharing support. And we always watch over our customers and ring them round. We also have insensitive and discounts for our clients.

Even though it has been such a long time, we are ready to provide the full refund with no problem. Please let us know how to contact you so we can try to locate an account together. However, our records have been very precise, and I think this is just a terrible mistake. Anyway, let us know how to contact you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Helen Worth

Customer Support

Ask Dr.Tech Support Service

[email protected]

f6fa061f, 2010-07-11, 05:18PM CDT

Though Mr. Fruend may have missquoted the price I just had a similiar experience with Ask Dr. Tech. I went online and couldn't get their site to except my account with a debit card. I call their support number 888.592.8843. This were it really becomes awful. The person who answers the phone has the roughfest accent to understand. I try to explain what is going wrong and guess what happens. He can't understand me. So I go thru many speling and interpetations. to being hung up on or was it accidental who knows. To top it off he asks for my Username and Password and tells me I am not in his system. Then I had their system email me the password to my email account which it does.I'll screen shot it to you. He tells me they can't receive email. I said then use the chat program. Can't do it. There more but Mr Fruend outline similiar things I said and did. Helen Worth, if yu are still with them the real problem is you have lousy customer service. To add insult to injury your staff insult you with if you aren't happy "get your money back". Since you, Ms Worth and your staff are focused on the money and not customer service. I too, am going to focus on the money and check out iYogi or SupportSpace or another I research. I am also going to use my experience and Mr. Fruend's when I do a speaking engagement on the Carnival Cruise line on what not to offer in customer service and the manner in which all staff handles complaints. Because the its not about the money. Its about CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Maximum Respect,

Christopher Thompson

The "BizBroker"

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