Subway - Subway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada - customer wrongfully accused of stealing - terrible, rude service

Posted on Sunday, August 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by e3fb0eb5

Company: Subway

Location: 3890 Oak Street

Category: Restaurants, Bars

To Whom it May Concern: I am a frequent Subway customer, and I enjoy the products that you sell. However, an incident occurred today that struck me beyond belief. I visited this particular location and ordered a 12" sub meal, and used one of the frequent user coupons to get a free 6" sub. Upon completion of my meal, I went to the front counter to compliment the (I assume) manager, and he openly and blatantly accused me of giving him "stolen" subway stamps. I reminded him that I was his customer, and how dare he accuse me of stealing.

He told me that he would phone the police on me. He then brought out a wad of subway stamp tickets with numbers circled in red. He identified them as the "stolen" stamps and then accused me again of giving them to him to redeem a 6" sub sandwich.

I then pointed out the other ticket he had in his hand that was not stolen, and identified it as mine. After realizing his mistake, he continued to argue with me. I am writing this letter now in hopes that it will reach someone in your customer service department who will be able to do something about this situation. I am disgusted and angry, and I am at the point that I may never visit one of your stores ever again. In Canada there is an association known as the Better Business Bureau, and I plan to let them know about what I have experienced. Shame on Subway. While I was there, I couldn't help but notice all of the achievement awards that lined the back wall. If Subway has an awards certificate for Most Unfriendly, Idiotic, Unprofessional Management, I would suggest this

particular store for a nomination.


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289648f9, 2008-08-18, 08:02AM CDT


I had a HORRIBLE experience w/ subway as well, causing me to NEVER purchase another thing at subway again. I had purchased a footlong meal deal and when I got home I was starting to eat my sub and a dead fly fell out of the sub w/ some lettuce. I contacted subway that night right after I had started to eat it and they had told me to come up the next day w/ the sub and they would see what they could do. I went there and they provided me w/ a new sub, I was apolled. They had given me another sub and thats it!!!! After having to go through the trouble of bringing the actual sub and fly still in tack back to the store and they only gave me what I had actually paid for. It was ridiculous, what was I expecting??? I dont know, maybe a free sub, my money back or even an apology. In which I never got either, which disturbed me more. I contacted the store the next day to speak w/ a manager and I was told that this is the normal procedure for things like this and that they will only give you what you had actually paid for. I absolutely love subway subs and the customer service and the way they handle this is a HUGE let down.

289648f9, 2008-08-18, 08:22AM CDT


I had a horrible experienece at subway just the other day.

I went to subway Sat night to get a sub, I took the sub home and when I started to eat it a fly fell out of the sub w/ the lettuce. I was very disgusted and yes of course I know that these things can happen but I contacted subway to see if there was anything that could be done. I had only taken a couple of bites out of the sub and was obviously a little upset considering I did purchase it. When I contacted them, the guy told me to come in to subway the next day w/ the sub and they will see what they can do. I went there the next day w/ the sub and the fly still lying in the sub and was told that the only thing that they could do for me was to replace my sub. I was extremely apolled considering they just gave me what I had already paid for and I had to go through the trouble to bring the sub back and not getting to eat the sub the night that I had bought it. So the next day I had contacted Subway once again to speak w/ a manager and he had informed him that, that was the normal procedure for things such as this, that they only give you what you actually paid for. I absolutely love Subway subs and am very disappointed w/ the customer service I received, Subway will not be a place that myself or my family and friends will visit again.

c458eec9, 2009-02-18, 10:10AM CST

Unbeliebable..they offered to replace your sub and you're bitching..let me guess you wanted the replacement AND your money back!

553d9640, 2013-05-17, 04:32PM CDT

Stepping out of the realm of <a href="">appliances in Vancouver</a> and reliving my food service days, I can assure you one of two things. Either you put the fly there in some vain attempt to get free food or waste people's time, or you offended an employee, and if you offend people who prepare your're going to have a bad time.

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