1996 Mercury Grand Marquis - plastic intake manifold catastrophic failure

Posted on Sunday, August 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 640dbf67

Company: 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis - plastic intake manifold catastrophic failure

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RE: 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis - plastic intake manifold catastrophic failure

I had the EXACT same problem as others have reported on my 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis with about 80,000 miles. I was out just north of Clayton New Mexico, 1000 miles from home and in the middle of no where when my car "catastrophically" blew out ALL of my coolant in less than 30 seconds.

I was fortunate in that the local auto repair shop "McClure's" was honest and reasonable and with the towing it cost me about $700.00 which was $600 less than a dealership wanted.

What is really aggravating is that I wasn't the only person to have that plastic manifold blow out on that day. Two cars were in for the exact same problem, do you realize how wide spread this problem must be for two people to have the same failure within 20 miles of each other on the same day out in the remote wilderness of New Mexico?

I called one dealership parts department in Amarillo, TX and the guy there told me that he sells 3 to 5 of the replacement manifolds a day!

The auto repair shop in Clayton says they repair several of these a week. Can you imagine what the national failure numbers must be! What idiot makes a part this critical and under these stresses out of plastic! duh! I

had to check-in to a motel over the weekend while they waited on the parts.

I have purchased two Ford/Mercury products over the years and those will be my last! Not only that, but all of my family heard about this problem and NONE of them are buying Ford/Mercury products anymore. My extended family spent over $10,000 a year on Ford/Mercury products! I spent HOURS talking to Ford and they acted as if this was a rare event. I told him statistically, there is NO WAY this can be a rare event. What an IDIOT of a company! Sincerely,




28732662, 2008-11-24, 11:58AM CST

I had the same problem. Mine lasted to about 140,000 miles. I figured it was a waste of time to call Mercury/Ford about it. I replaced it myself for about $200.00.

cf9c5956, 2011-01-12, 03:31PM CST

I have had 2 of these damned things blow out on me and the third is sitting in the driveway. If it is the manifold, I'm going for an after market replacement as Ford can't seem to fix anything any more. Never again will I buy a Ford produce.

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