2001 Honda Accord - 2001 Honda Accord - sudden, unexpected acceleration - caused auto accident

Posted on Sunday, August 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 655bac2f

Company: 2001 Honda Accord

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Problem with sudden acceleration. On July 29, 2002, at 6:45 PM I was pulling into a parking space behind a Volkswagen Bug when my 2001 Honda Accord suddenly accelerated.

I slammed on the brakes to no avail and hit the VW. Then I maneuvered the Honda into the street where I threw it into reverse and it still kept going forward until I turned off the ignition. I had it towed to Miller Honda in Culver City where they could find nothing wrong with the car.

A quick look on the Internet has shown me at least 30 cases of throttle linkages and control defects in Honda Accords with resulting fatalities in some cases.

The VW had extensive damage and my car had over a $1,000 of body damage. I am one year into a three year lease and am going into Miller Honda of Van Nuys on 8/16/02 to try and return this defective car. Why hasn't Honda fixed this deadly defect and why hasn't some agency forced them to do so?


377129c2, 2008-07-06, 03:13PM CDT

On 6 July 2008 a frien of mine had the same accident: she was driving low..and suddenlly her Honda accord 2001 accelerated,for a few minutes in a principal street in Caracas,..resulting extensive damage in her car, street in another car and 2 persons injuried severaly.What can she do????

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3594bf6d, 2010-02-14, 01:25PM CST

Was making right on a jug handle(ramp) on hw35 in Middletown, N.J. 1/19/09 moving slowly behind other cars when my 2008 Honda Accord made a revving sound and accelerated quickly. I was not able to stop it until after I swerved left, avoiding vehicle in front of me, went over an island and landed on Harmony Road where there was no traffic going either way at that moment. I had it towed to Kay Honda and was told that the car was fine. I phoned them and a Honda servicemen said that if there was ice on the road it could cause the revving noise and acceleration that occurred due to the VSA(vehicle stability assist) being activated. I saw no ice and felt no skid. When I asked him how to stop the car if it happened again my call was transferred to another man. He said that he did not know what the conditions were like at the time or how fast I was moving. He said that I may have pumped rather than pressed firmly on the brakes which would not stop the vehicle. I have driven cars with ABS for the past 17 years and never had any braking problems.

I was able to find similar situations reported on the National Highway Safety Administration web site and reported mine to Consumer Reports on line.

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