Kentucky Fried Chicken - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Goose Creek, SC - crispy chicken took more than 12 minutes - poor service experience

Posted on Saturday, August 17th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 23f05865

Company: Kentucky Fried Chicken


Category: Restaurants, Bars

In light of the fact that the complaints web site of KFC is no longer in operation ( possibly due to overloading?) I am placing my complaint on this site. I am a recent immigrant to the States ( 1 month now) from South Africa where I often went to KFC and had surprisingly good service considering it is a 3rd world country. Today at 16h50 I arrived at the KFC drive-through at 108 Goose Creek BLVD South Carolina . tel 843 553 4441. I ordered crispy chicken and was informed that it would take 12 minutes.At 17h02 I arrived at the service window, paid and was asked to park for a few minutes as the crispy chicken was not yet ready. At 17h25 I stumbled from my non air conditioned car in a rather dehydrated state in an attempt to find out what the problem was.Upon entering the branch I asked to speak to the Duty Manager and was promptly ignored by the rather belligerent young lady at the front area. Not by nature a "shrinking violet" type I raised the volume a little and someone must have gone to wake up the previously mentioned duty manager. The duty manager herself prepared my order from the crispy chicken mountain which was in stock under the heating plate. I was then asked what my side orders were, it then appeared that no one could remember who I was and I was asked to produce my receipt to prove that I had actually ordered something.At this stage the duty manager informed the staff that they shouldn't forget their customers. I then received my order and as I was leaving the store , the duty manager mumbled something inaudible which could have been an apology for the delay or a threat on my life. Needless to say after this experience I will not be making a second visit to KFC and will take my business to the other fast food chains who have always given me outstanding service in this beautiful corner of the country. Best Regards Iain Jack


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