AOL - AOL - paid for service, but AOL says didn't pay - AOL refuses to admit fault

Posted on Saturday, August 17th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ddd4a13a

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I am writing this letter because I am furious with AOL. My husband and I do not have credit cards if we can't pay for it in cash then we don't buy it so when we found out that we could have our internet bill paid through our phone bill we thought that was great so we finally were able to get online.

On August 10, 2002 I paid ALL of my bills and on August 13 my AOL account said it was invalid. I was confused as to what had happened so I called the number that was provided on the screen and after waiting and waiting and waiting a lovely customer service rep answered my call, I explained what had happened and she told me that I didn't pay my bill.

I told her I did pay my bill and I have the receipt to prove it I have everything right down to the hour minute and second printed on my receipt .

She was adamant that I didn't pay. I asked her if there was a fax number that I could fax my phone bill (which shows the AOL bill on it with the exact date of service being billed) I also faxed the first page of my bill which showed the total amount of my bill with a break down of all the charges and services that we have so they could see that their charge is included in the total and I also faxed the receipt showing that I paid the entire bill. They still didn't believe me.

They said to call back in 3 business days ( so naturally I have been calling several times a day) I called PACBELL who has been wonderful through this entire ordeal and asked them to check their records they have proof that they paid AOL.

So I got on a three way call with AOL PacBell and myself, PacBell gave all the information they had about the payment to AOL. So now I have given proof that I paid and a major phone company has given proof that AOL was paid and AOL still says no you didn't. After that call they said call back in 3 days again. When I called today I was told to call back in 7-10 working days the customer rep said no one told me it takes 3 days it is a standard 7-10 day wait so basically she called me a liar.

I am not sure what other proof I can give them that I paid. When I asked what else they need they said well you can give us your credit card number and we will be happy to turn your service back on right now. I told her I don't have credit cards she said everyone has a credit card yet again I am being called a liar. I have tried to be nice, I have tried to give them everything they could possibly need to see that I have paid and someone on the other end of the phone has made a mistake.

I am not canceling my service YET because I don't want them to say well she isn't using our services anymore so screw her, don't forget though I said I haven't cancelled YET I never said I wouldn't cancel. I will not how ever get suckered into giving them anymore money. You can count on that.

Thank you,

Bonnie Meza


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