WFS Financial - WFS Financial - received call demanding payment for overdue car loan - upset with treatment

Posted on Friday, August 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 6ec68a5b

Company: WFS Financial

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On Monday, August 13, 2002, about 7 p.m., I receive a call from WFS Finacial. The lady stated the company but not her name. She asked to speak to Merilyn, as if she knew me. I knew she didn't, but i answered. She stated that they received some money on my account, but it was not enough! (It was $300) She then told me that I needed to send $345 more, and would I like to send it Western Union or check by phone. I stated that I wouldn't be able to send any money until Friday, Aug. 16.

She begin to get angry, and suggested that I do a Check by phone or a postdated check.....I then told her that I would do a check by phone on Friday, she stated that if I didn't do a postdated check TODAY then she would DOUBLE what I owe one my car!? I then ask if she was threathen me???

I then told her that she could not force me to send a postdated check, and that I knew that it was against the law! She said to me that it was not against the law. I then said to her that it was and that I have books on this sort of things, credit, collections etc. She said for me to have a nice day...the call was ended. I then called the collections department to find out her name so that I could report it to a manager or a male he told me that she was from a different office and that she was a supervisor and she had the authority to double what I owe and possible reposession.

I'll admit the last few months I have been running late on my payments and I am one month behind. But this is the first time I have ever been this far behind on my car payment. They have no right to talk to me like that or even threathen me. A few months ago they were complimenting me on how I've never been late in the nearly four years I had the vehicle (one time 30 days) now it's nearly paid off and I'm treated like this. I've explained my financial situation to the as well and I am having to readjust some things, however my vehicle is still a priority. Also on a different occasion, at the end of last month or the beginning or this month, Ken from the same company called me at my place of employment, and I told him that I had sent a payment off. He then asked how much did I send I told him $300-325, he told me that would not be enough, and that he could NOT except that as payment, so told him that he could, and he said that he could not. I then asked him not to call me at my place of employment anymore and to call/leave a message on my home phone.

But said he would continue to call. I hung up. He then called back, and Cynthia Jacques, manager answered the phone and explained to him how distrubing this was for him to call me a work, he then begin to explain that I was behind on my car payment etc.

Cynthia begin to explain to him how it was not her business, and that he needed to call me at home because I could not except these kinds of calls there, because there was no privacy for me to talk to him. Ken then said he will call back and continue to call. There are also laws that no one can give information on why they are calling.(privacy act) P.S. I know this is unfair practices, now what can i do???? Sincerely, Merilyn Renae Wheeler(CHEATHAM)


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