Mayan Palace Resorts - Mayan Palace Resorts - cancelled time share purchase - want refund due

Posted on Friday, August 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by d329e810

Company: Mayan Palace Resorts

Category: Internet Services

On July 17th 2002 we entered into an agreement with Mayan Palace Resorts to purchase a timeshare. We understood as written in the contract that we had 5 days to cancel this agreement. 18 hours later we returned agreement to Sharon Rojas at approx. 9am on July 18th. Sharon Rojas understood the 5 day requirement for cancellation and at this same time we produced a written letter of cancellation on a floppy disc which she printed. Sharon Rojas stated verbally at this time it would take approx. 5 days to credit our account for the down payment of $6,070.00 charged to my Chase Visa account # xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. This timeshare is a non-tangible item and as per the agreement we signed we were well within the time frame for cancellation. In fact we physically handed the letter on disc to Sharon Rojas as well as verbal cancellation within 18 hours. Sharon Rojas told us at that time when we asked her if there was anything else we needed to do, she stated "no", she would "call corporate and handle the matter". Since this incident has occurred, I received my Chase Visa statement and the charge has not been credited which is what Sharon Rojas said she would do. We continued on our vacation under the impression Sharon had it under control like she stated. Sharon stated to us that there was nothing further we needed to do. She has the letter of cancellation in her possession hand delivered to her and she acknowledges this. Sharon never reversed the charges as she stated she would do. Upon contacting Mayan Palace Resorts, they are now stating we owe this $6,070.00 which is completely false as the contract states we have 5 days to cancel with full refund. Sharon Rojas stated she would credit these funds. While realizing this was a verbal statement, Sharon Rojas is still bound by this verbal statement to the extent she acknowledges receiving the letter of cancellation the following morning (July 18th) along with a verbal cancellation. Please see copy of cancellation letter. If Mayan Palace Resorts chooses to pursue this matter, we suggest they further the process through litigation. We have nothing to return that is tangible, we do not own a timeshare nor do we wish to.


bbd03745, 2008-06-06, 06:46PM CDT

I am currently trying to cancel my contract and get a refund back. The mayan people told me that I was locked into the contract and that I would not get my refund back the very same day I signed the contract. In the sales pitch they informed me that they would purchase my other timeshare and once I signed the docs and paid the deposit they changed their mind. Although 6 months have passes I am going to fight this because they lied and I relied on fraudulent and misleading information. They told me they would refund my deposit, but I am skeptical. Did you get your refund back? Have you known them to ever refund someone's deposit?

Eva C., 2013-05-13, 11:22AM CDT

Mayan Palace sales tactics are FRIGHTENING. Seriously, they keep you there for hours and hours, trying to convince you to buy a worthless piece of paper for thousands of dollars. So, if you don't like being pressured, stay away from this resorts. I recommend you to read this article about the Mayan Palace timeshare scams and how to get out of one:

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