Ashley Furniture Industries - Ashley Furniture Industries: Strictly Mission Home Office Furniture purchased from Dixie Furniture, Beaufort, SC - received less than satisfactory furniture - desk top is not level

Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a51c514d

Company: Ashley Furniture Industries

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Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

In early January, my wife and I were visiting my home of Little Rock, Arkansas. While we were there, we visited an Ashley showroom. We were on the market for new home office furniture and to our surprise, found the perfect home office set up, at that showroom. Since we were from out of town and didn't want to deal with the shipping of furniture, we decided to wait until we returned home to find a local Ashley retailer.

Upon our return home, we consulted your web site and retrieved not only the name of a local retailer but also the series number for your Strictly Mission home office furniture series. With that information, we visited Dixie Furniture, in Beaufort, SC, our local retailer, as noted on your website.

Originally the people at Dixie were wonderfully helpful. We placed our order for the desk/hutch, L-desk and printer stand. Our order total came to over $600. We patiently waited for our new office furniture to come in, as that I had already sold our previous (custom built) computer armoire.

About two weeks later, we were contacted by Dixie about our order. We picked up our pieces, headed home, and assembled them ourselves. Upon assembling the L-desk, we noticed that the desk top was warped, which resulted in the assembled desk having a swag shape on the top.

We contacted Dixie Furniture and was told that it would be at least six weeks before a replacement could be obtained. This was unbelievable . . . it only took about two weeks to get the original order! After being visited by a representative of Dixie Furniture, for the inspection of our new desk, we insisted on ordering a replacement.

In the meantime, I contacted someone, at your company, directly, via e-mail feedback, on your website. The return e-mail that I received from your company stated that I could not work with your company directly and would have to work through my local retailer.

We waited patiently for our new desk replacement. Four weeks later, when the replacement desk came into the store, we were summoned to the store, to see that the replacement also had the same defect. The rep, at Dixie Furniture, stated that he could not order another replacement and further explained that the Ashley brand is not considered a quality brand.

He continued saying that we could expect this defect in each desk that we ordered. Essentially he said that the desk that we purchased for $600 was "junk". He offered no further assistance. We opted, reluctantly, to keep our original desk.

Frustrated, I once again contacted your company via e-mail. Again, I was refused assistance from your company directly. I further insisted that someone on the other end of my e-mail must know of someone who could help me. Once again, I was refused assistance and further told that our local retailer would have to contact your company for me. Dixie Furniture refused to contact your company and again said that we could not expect precision or quality craftsmanship from Ashley . . . why didn't he tell us that when we placed the order???

So for the last six months, we have lived with a less than satisfactory purchase. The desk and hutch have a finish that has started to peel, in the area where our arms lay when using the mouse. The L-desk has an obvious swag in the center, so much so that it is not level with the desk/hutch portion. This swag becomes even more obvious with our items placed on the top, as that they are not stable.

To say the least, we are disappointed in our purchase and want a quality replacement or my money returned. I run a home based business from home and take great pride in the way my home looks . . . by having a desk top that is not level, it leads my clients to believe that I can not afford better furniture.

This simply is not the case, I chose Ashley because I could not find any other brand who offered the style that I wanted. If I had been able to find this style, in another brand, I would have purchased it, no matter the cost.

Please rectify this problem, as soon as possible. The longer I look at this desk and my home office, the more upset I become about my treatment by Ashley and Dixie Furniture. If this remains unrectified, I will further discourage my friends and family from purchasing any of the products that Ashley produces.

Jon T. S


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