1994 Ford F150 4x4 truck - truck caught on fire while parked - how could this happen

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Company: 1994 Ford F150 4x4 truck - truck caught on fire while parked - how could this happen

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From: Dave and Cheryl [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_58831#]

RE: 1994 Ford F150 4x4 truck - truck caught on fire while parked - how could this happen

I have a 1994 Ford F150 4x4 truck. In mid-April I drove the truck approx. 40 miles. I had the truck parked in front of my home for about two hours. I heard the alarm system sound and went to check on it, to my amazement the front of the truck had smoke coming from the grill and front drivers side fender.

I tried to pull the hood release, which did release o.k., but the grill at this time had flames by the outside release, so I couldn't get it open the rest of the way. The flames quickly spread into the interior by the steering column and also the heater core area.

After the fire dept. arrived the cab and engine were totally destroyed. I contacted Ford Motor Co. and since there is no recall on anything on this particular model that could potentialy cause a fire they declined to send inspectors.

This truck was in excellant condition, absolutely nothing wrong mechanically or otherwise. Our family has been involved in the automotive business since 1948, and I am familiar with any peculiar sounds, smells, etc., there were none.

I have checked the IHSTA site and found four similar incidents with this same model, but they say unless a trend develops they will not check into any individual cases such as mine. One particular fire was caught on video survelience and the details were almost exactly as I expierenced with my truck.

The first thing I thought of was that it was a electrical fire, the Fire Inspector from the local Fire Dept. agreed and said that electrical fires get very hot, very fast. One Ford truck's electrical wiring harness was repaired prior to any incident by an auto mechanic, and he also indicated to that owner that if it would have not been repaired it would have caused a major fire under the hood.

I would like to know how many other models does IHSTA or Ford think that need, to have a fire of this nature, with the possiblity of someone being injured or killed, before they feel like checking into this problem. They could simply track down 50 or 100 models and check the wiring harness.

Thank You,

Dave Reinking


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