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Posted on Saturday, August 4th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 6e7e9a36

Company: emergency clinics this is concerning physicians immidiate medical located at 10905 haynes bridge rd.

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RE: emergency clinics this is concerning physicians immidiate medical located at 10905 haynes bridge rd.

alpharetta ga. last friday night my husband recieved 4 stitches to a head wound at this facility.

we paid by credit card and were charged $505. ithought this was a bit much but we

went ahead and signed the reciept. after reviewing the bill, i called to ask about

a charge of $221 that i was unable to figure out. the "professional" that answered the phone was unable to answer my questions and put me on hold to talk to a nurse.

that time i was on hold for 15 min. after that i called back thinking i had been

forgotten about. after being on hold for a similar length of time, i repeated the

process. i have lost tract of how many times i called back that day. "my call will

be returned", "i don't have the code book in front of me", "the nurse is taking

xrays"(for 15 min.) ect. ect. ect. yes i got rude. the next day i figured the same

incompatant would not be working, so i called back and calmly explained my situation again. this time i spoke to an office manager who was very appologetic and said i had indeed been overcharged $220! more than once during this conversation he said "i'm writing you a check

as we speak" he said this was easier for him than crediting my card.

he also admitted that his employee had not addressed the situation correctly and he would make sure that she understood to refer these types of problems to him. needless to say i was very happy. this conversation occured on a sunday. we live in the same town so imagine my surprise when by thursday i had yet to receive my check. so here we go again. i called these idiots and explained the situation. might i add that i was polite at first. i was told that the gentleman i spoke to, joe mersberger, was out of town and would not be back

untill the middle of next week. the woman to whom i was speaking told me she had

"not been left access to the check book" and i would just have to wait. i got ugly.

what happen to "i'm writing a check as we speak"? this was also the same woman who had connected me with mr. mersberger and said she knew exactly who i was. i have been in touch with my credit card company and am going to let them handle it. i would not go back to this clinic if i was dying!!!!


11ac441e, 2008-11-28, 10:57AM CST

So, you ended up paying just a little over $300 for a head wound that required stitching? I'm not really seeing how that would be considered too much. Even if the bill was $500. The Emergency Room would have charged you three times that.

I understand how difficult health insurance is to get. But, I pay almost $600 a month to keep my family insured. But, when I wasn't insured, I would have loved to only pay $500 for a major visit.

388a270f, 2009-12-23, 01:56PM CST

I use to work in the billing department for this company. $505.00 sounds pretty standard for billing insurance companies for your procedure. Its sounds as though you were charged surgical office visit as well as a professional office visit. The gentleman the responded to you is right. The ER would have charged you guys over $1000.00 for what Physicians Immediate Med charged you half of that. The problem with people like you is you have no right to argue something that you are not trained in. And YES it does take at least 15 min to take a proper X ray.The business manager(Joe Mersberger) I am sure had more important things to do than suffice a rude lady such as your self.

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