Automotive Repairs - 2000 Ford Focus air condenser and tires recalls

Posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2001 at 12:30am CDT by ff0443d0

Company: Automotive Repairs - 2000 Ford Focus air condenser and tires recalls

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2000 Ford Focus Air Condenser Tires Radio Recalls



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_____________________ I took my Ford Focus in for warranty work at Rusty Eck Ford in Wichita Kansas, July of 2001. They lost my car for over a week. They finally called back and said that one of their people had misplaced it. They tried to make it sound like it was my fault because I checked it in with the night person instead of checking it in with the day person. They did some warranty work but failed to do the air conditioner warranty work saying that I caused the damage.

I took it to my mechanic and he said there was no way I could have caused the damage and Ford should fix it under the warranty. My mechanic said this was a common problem because of the way Ford placed the air condenser. So instead of taking it back to Rusty Eck Ford of Wichita, and risk my car being lost again, I took it to Garnsey & Wheeler Ford 4901 29th St Greeley, Colorado. Garnsey & Wheeler Ford said they had never seen this before and never had any trouble like this before and I had to pay for it myself.

This car is just over one year old. Work that Ford has paid for: two recalls, two warranty works, and one replaced tire that had bubbles on it. Work I paid for: 3 Goodyear tires that had blow outs (2 on the outside and 1 had the blowout on the inside), 1 CD stereo, 1 air condenser, 3 alignments. On the last Freeway blowout I just purchase 4 generic tires from Pep boys, and haven't had trouble since. They were 75% cheaper and 100% better. Since the air condenser is so low to the ground maybe when the defective tires blew out on the freeway the condenser was damaged and the freon slowly leaked out.

I know the Ford Focus has been a Lemon for me and they won't buy it back and they made me pay for the tires, CD player, alignments and air condenser. The service At Garnsey & Wheeler is better and faster then Rusty Eck of Wichita. I just do not like being lied to. My mechanic and other people I have talked to in person and on the web says this seems to be a common problem of deflating the tires for a smoother ride, positioning the air condenser too low to the ground so even the slightest bump will damage it. I think this is deceitful and they should pay for the consequences. They should be thankful someone wasn't killed in an accident when I had the blowouts on the freeway.


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