Sleep Country - Stores, Mattresses - Simmons mattress purchase at Sleep Country poor service

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001 at 8:50pm CDT by 9bc1b9cf

Product: Simmons Mattress

Company: Sleep Country

Category: Stores, Shopping

Incident Report Late June. We went to Sleep Country store 57 and spoke to Gord Stanich. We explained that our mattress was stained from our sheet set. He told us to call Stainsafe and set up an appointment for one of stain safes reps to come into our home and clean our mattress. I asked him what would happen if they were unable to remove the stain. Gord said that they would replace the mattress. I asked him how a replacement would work. He said that Sleep Country would receive a credit for the mattress and we could use it towards any mattress in the store. I asked him specifically if we would be able to upgrade the mattress at that time. Gord said absolutely. We left the store and contacted stainsafe the next day. They sent a technician in and he was unsuccessful in cleaning the mattress. I contacted stainsafe several times over the next week or so. They confirmed that the mattress would be replaced. A representative told me that they would authorize Sleep Country to replace my mattress.

July 24. We went to Sleep Country to look at new mattresses. We spoke to Pamela Dawe. We explained our situation. She showed us several different mattresses. She explained that if we purchased a mattress and did not get the matching box spring, that the mattress would not feel the same. We explained that we wouldn't mind investing a little more money into the box spring to ensure our comfort. She then showed us the Gracefield set by Serta. We loved the mattress. If we chose this mattress we would expect to pay approximately $200 after the credit for the $1259 She told us that she would put aside this mattress set for us in the factory. Pamela told us to call head office as soon as our credit came in and tell them to apply the credit to the Serta set that we had chosen. We left the store Happy.

July 26. I called Sleep Country to tell them to apply my credit to the Gracefield Mattress set. I spoke to Najma. I was told that I would only get a credit for $769.30. I explained that I was told by the stainsafe representative that I would be getting a credit for $1259.99 plus taxes. She told me she would call stainsafe and get back to me the next day.

August 2. Najma still has not returned my call. I called and re-explained my situation to Jennifer. I told her that I was upset the Najma hadnt returned my call. I told her that I felt like I was being ignored. She told me that she would call stainsafe and she would call me to touch base with me.

August 3, 4:50p.m Jennifer hadnt returned my call. I was told all Sleep Country Customer Service Representatives had left for the long weekend. I was passed through to Customer Service voice mail. I left a message for someone to call me on Monday.

August 7. I called and left Chandra (Customer Service Supervisor) a message to get back to me.

August 7. Chandra called me back. She told me that the credit didnt work the way Gord had explained it to me. She told me that it would be a comparable model replacement. She told me to go to store 57 and look at the Lancaster Luxury, Lancaster Firm, Westfield or the Sophisticate. I told her that I would try them out. Chandra was rude and condescending when I spoke to her.

August 7 We went to store 57 and spoke to Allen. He told us that the sophisticate would not work with our box spring. We looked at the three mattresses that we had left to choose from. We explained to Allen our situation. He said he didnt understand why we couldnt just get the Gracefield if that was our preference. He said he would speak to Chandra on our behalf to see what he could do. Allen also told us that if we put a Lancaster mattress on our Dimension box spring that if would feel slightly different. While we were in the store, a lady came in and over heard us talking about Chandra. She told us that she was also having trouble with Sleep Countrys Customer Service department. She said that Chandra was also rude to her.

August 9. I received a message to call Sleep Country to arrange the exchange of my mattress.

August 10 I left a message for customer service to call me back. I havent received a call.

August 13 9:50am. I left a message for Suzette.

August 13 1:20pm. I left a message for Cindy.

August 13 4:00p.m. Suzette returned my call. She tried to set up the exchange of my mattress for the Lancaster Luxury. I told her that I didnt like the Lancaster Luxury. I went on to explain my situation. She said she would talk to Chandra on August 14 and give me a call back.

August 14 4:20 I called Sleep Country and after waiting on hold I spoke to Owen. I explained my situation to him. He said he would have Suzette give me a call back before 5:00pm.

August 14 4:55p.m. I Called Sleep Country and after being put through to 3 different voice mails. I told the receptionist that I wasnt hanging up until I spoke to someone. Chandra came on the line. She passed me through to Suzette. Suzette couldnt recall the details of my case. I re-explained everything to her. She said she would have to call Gord on the 15th. She said she would get back to me on the 15th.

August 15 Suzette left me a message.

August 16. I called Suzette back. She told me that she had talked to Gord and Pamela. She wouldnt give me a direct answer as to what they had told her about my case. She re-explained Sleep Countrys policy about exchanging mattresses. I explained that I felt that they should be able to give me a credit toward the mattress that I wanted. I explained that 2 of Sleep Countrys associates had told me that I would be able to do this exact thing. I also explained that I didnt understand why they would give me a mattress that I wouldnt be happy with that would cost them $1300, yet they wouldnt let me have a credit for the amount of $1259. She told me she would be in contact with the regional manager Rob Waller. She said that either she or Rob would call me around August 22.

August 20. Suzette called me and left me a message telling me that they would do a direct swap for the Gracefield with my bed. There was no mention of her correspondence with the regional manager.

August 20. I left a message for Suzette to call me to let me know if they were swapping bed sets or just the mattresses.

August 21. Suzette called and left a message for me. She told me that they would be swapping the mattresses only. (I was told that the Serta Gracefield would feel very different on a Simmons Box spring, we were also told that the Simmons box would not support the Gracefield mattress properly and that Serta would not honour the mattress warranty, with out the proper box spring.) She then re-explained Sleep Country's exchange policy.

August 21. I left Suzette a message saying that I wasn't happy with her offer. I also told her that I wasn't going to put the gracefield on the simmons box spring. I told her that I wanted the whole set and I was willing to pay up to $200. I asked her to let me know if her offer was the best she could do for me. Sleep Country is being completely UN-reasonable about this whole situation. I am positive that they will loose more money fighting me then what the mattress cost in the first place. I fully intend to take this situation as far as I possibly can in order to be happy. Thank you for this opportunity to inform others about the my experience with Sleep country.


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