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Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by c2f340d4

Company: AT&T Telemarketing / unethical and illegal sales practice

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RE: AT&T Telemarketing / unethical and illegal sales practice

In June I was contacted by AT&T about their long distance service. I

told them that I was currently paying a rate of .9 per minute and did

not believe they could beat the rate. I was told that for a monthly fee

of $4.95 I could have rates of .7 per minute 24/7, and that these rates

would include interstate as well as out of state long distance calls. I

was interested. I was asked if I wanted a calling card at the same low

.7 rate. I agreed to the calling cards as well. As a special bonus I

was also to receive 60 minutes per month of free long distance service. I received my first phone bill and found out that my rates were far more

that .7 per minute the the rates fluctuated with the time and location

of my call and that their calling card was billed at a rate of .35 per

minute. Customer Service at AT&T said that their was nothing they could

do to help me. I was told to contact AT&T Corporate Complaint Center

and tell them that West Telemarketing Corporation user ID 615 997 was

who sold me the plan and see if they could do anything. I believe that when a customer confirms that they want to switch to a

particular carrier the rates should be recorded along with the customers

verbal ok and this would stop this unethical and illegal sales practice. Sincerely,

Lori Martin


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