Best Buy - Stores, Electronics - Best Buy problem with gift card purchase

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2001 at 1:54pm CDT by 9d2f92df

Company: Best Buy

Category: Stores, Shopping

I recently went to best buy to purchase a DVD player for my home. The service upon entering was fair I have come not to expect too much from these chain retailers. The problem came in when I decided to check out I was given several gift cards as a present from my employer and decided I found the perfect gift for me. Upon giving my products to the cashier I was informed that I they need to scan all of the gift cards one at a time because there was a problem with their system. The sales rep had to call on his manager to get assistance and the manager looked as if she was offended that her help was needed. The manager informed the rep that two of the cards were invalid and walked off without saying a word to me. The rep told me to buy the products and then go and deal with customer service.

I agreed to purchase the goods and then head up front to deal with the manager that was too busy to deal with me. To make a long story short I was told that the cards were valid but there was an error and that she need to look into it. I wound up losing out on 60 dollars and was not compensated or offered an apology. I will of course shop there again, but I have learned that they don't give a damn about there folk who spend their hard earned money there.


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