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Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 37e7e3ff

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RE: My 2000 Ford Windstar

This complaint is over a year's worth of bringing a new van back and forth to a dealership. The first concern was the brakes. I was told that because it was a much bigger vehicle than my old Honda that of course it would take some distance for the van to stop. I brought to their attention three times. the first one included the not working emergency brake. Another concern is the howling noise that the van makes at higher speeds to the point that I cannot hear the radio. Never fixed.

The interior rear pillar fell away from the roof. That was fixed. The arm on the rear seat fell off. That was fixed. The side panel along the front winshield warped. That had to be fixed. The howling noise remains. The brakes have to be all the way to the floor before the van stops. Now, yesterday the check engine light came on and as I am trying to get home the engine starts to rock and the rpm's drop below 1. This van is going to quit on me before I get it home. Today, I had the van towed to the dealership. I am so unhappy with this vehicle. A couple of months ago I wegb back to the same dealership where I purchased the van looking for a truck for my husband.

The sales manager at the time told me that I got the van at a good price because the market was flooded at the time and they just wanted a quick sale. After this information was imparted I just wanted to throw the keys back at the salesman and ask for my Honda back. The Honda I had for nine years before there was any major problem. This van has not given me a month of peaceful driving. I cannot get to work because the dealership does not have a rental for me. Sure I could get reimbursed if I go to an outside rental agency but I am cursed because I do not have a credit card. Oh the woes of owning a vehicle. At least when a horse broke a leg it was put down. Today the customer must suffer.

I have received nothing that resembles customer service from FORD. Sure they took my complaint but all I was offered was apologies and condolences. Is there anyone who can offer advice as to my next step.

Signed Distraught from Texas.


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