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1999 VW Jetta with numerous problems



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_____________________ The following is a list of problems my wife has had with her 1999 VW Jetta:


Car's tape deck does not work, eats tapes.


Contacted VW and they told me that it was probably a bad tape, informed

them that it happened to about 3 of them. Made an appointment, at their

convenience, and 1 week later the stereo was replaced (but not my



Car jerked when applying the breaks.


Made an appointment with VW and they claimed that the rotors where warped

do to wear and tear, and by the way the front breaks had to be replaced.

I had only had the car for 1 year by then. Guarantee does not cover wear

and tear. $400.00 later problem was fixed. (they charged me $50.00 just

to inspect for the problem)


Front bumper fell off.


Went to auto parts store and replaced toy screws.


Sunroof shade spit out some plastic pieces. Shade won't open or close.


What sunroof? Don't use it any more!


Heard crunching sound when opening the passenger side window. Window

fell into door and off the tracks.


Called VW and they told me that it will cost me $75.00 to inspect for

the problem, and if it what they think it is, it will cost be an

additional $300.00 to fix it. I had to open the door panel and raise the

window manually. I guess I have to save for that one. And then I

wondered, If they already know what the problem might be, why don't they

fix it so that it will never happen again. (maybe use metal pieces

instead of plastic)

VW, I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with your service, product and company in general. I

have been asked by about 10 different people if I would recommend your product, and believe me, that after talking to them, a VW is the one car they are not in the market for. Maybe you should change you slogan to "Drivers Beware".

You need to take some time to listen to what the consumer needs and provide solutions, not headaches. Signed, Juan Cerna

You can e-mail me if you ever decide to contact me.


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