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Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 415f72aa

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RE: 1995 Taurus with General Tires

I have a 1995 Taurus with General Tires and only 29,500 miles. The tires are warranted for 60,000 miles and are the original tires. Two summers in a row - last year and this - we have had a blowout (right rear last year, left front this year) on summer vacation trip (temperature was probably in low 80's last year and low 90's this year). Last year happened on 2nd day of trip - we had driven about 300 miles the day before and about 100 miles that morning. This year we had driven about 600 miles (over about 5 days) and about 100 miles that day. Car was not that heavily loaded in either year - 4 people last year, 3 people this year, not a tremendous amount of luggage - one suitcase per person of summer clothes.

Tires were just shredded in both cases. Last year the tire place gave us a replacement tire free - said it was tread separation (only had about 24,500 miles on car). This year's blowout looked very similar - different tire place this year said it was result of puncture and charged us (although guy at Ford dealership we stopped in at, right after happened, said didn't look like a puncture - looked like tread separation). I believe probably same cause/problem both years. In both cases tires were just shredded. In both cases car was pulling slightly to one side for a day (last year) or a few days (this year) before it happened; once new tire put in, no more pulling, so the pulling was clearly connected to tire problem. This year, before trip I had the tires - tread and pressure -- checked, and when started pulling I had them rechecked. So pressure was proper and nobody saw anything wrong.

What the hell is going on? These tires are under mileage warranty -- are they nevertheless too old to be safe and do the other two tires need to be replaced? We have been fortunate both times - the car did not go out of control, but three is not a charm here. Is there someone who can examine the other two original tires and tell if they should be replaced? As I said 2 different mechanics checked the tires out and found everything fine within days of my having the second blowout.


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