AOL - AOL DSL Broadband service - have unsuccessfully tried to cancel service

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2003 at 12:00am CST by b9bc5d9e

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I would like to put in writing that I have unsuccessfully tried to cancel my AOL DSL Broadband service. As of March 31 2003, in a phone call to customer service I had been told that I do not actually show to have such service and could therefore not cancel a service that does not show under my screen name. I was also told that my account could not be canceled, because my account information would not match that of the information given for DSL service client for phone number 561 655 ssss. All attempts to reconcile the information needed were unsuccessful I did also make a call today April 1 2003 to Bell South, the carrier of the phone line, to investigate the possibility to cancel the DSL portion of my phone line (561 655 0082) myself. I was told that the DSL provider(s) would have to do that themselves. I want my basic AOL account to continue BUT without using the DSL service. I have stopped using it all together and if requested by you, I would gladly send you back the modem. I would appreciate a confirmation of receipt of my cancellation notice and also wanted to mention that I had been very content with your DSL service; I just have no need for it anymore from here on forward. Thank you and kind regards, Herbert Palm Beach, Florida 33480 PS: I did also send a copy of this mail to AOL Broadband Customer Service through the "AOL Broadband Resource Center". Unfortunately a copy of such a mail is impossible the way your service to contact customer service is set up!

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90e7a30f, 2008-06-04, 07:36AM CDT

I'm grateful for this information, because I was considering AOL, for the first time, having gone through hell with Windstream DSL/tele[phone service. They use non-English speaking tech support that drives us through the wall, and long-lasting shut downs. What is available to Americans?

Thank you for this information.

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