AOL - Gateway Computer - not able to get year of free AOL access - billed for service that was supposed to be free so cancelled account

Posted on Thursday, April 17th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 4d528f02

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

October 4, 2002 a Gateway Computer was ordered and, shortly thereafter, delivered to the office of our Church for the Financial Secretary. Along with the computer came a year of free AOL access. December 11th a call

was finally made to set up the AOL account using the Youth Pastors church credit card. The screen name that was established was craigf330. We were told we would have to send proof of computer purchase to get the year free. That information was sent.

Today we received the billing for the church Youth Pastors card and AOL billed us. After calling AOL to ask why, I was told they had not received the information. Though we sent it&the fact that it wasn't received seemed to be our problem. No explanations were acceptable; wed have to pay the monthly charge. Since the purchase of the computer, 2 additional Gateways have been purchased. We didn't activate additional AOL accounts. They weren't necessary. However, given the situation and the fact that we seem to have been penalized for non-delivery of information & we've decided to cancel the AOL account with unhappiness. As the AOL representative concluded the conversation, she offered additional months free if wed change our phone service to Sprint. We seemed to be penalized with the first free offer. Accepting a second free offer didn't seem wise. I thought you ought to be made aware of the situation. I don't anticipate any action, but felt you'd want to know why the account was terminated. Senior


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