AOL - AOL - second account setup despite not wanting it - very upset with AOL

Posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 9e61392f

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

My complaint is the same as KTSSEPT from January, 2003. Apparently a pop-up came up when my daughter was on line and signing off and she clicked on the wrong thing and created a new account. This also happened to me a few months ago and I knew to contact aol right away and get it changed. But she probably didn't. I noticed my bank account was a lot lower than it should be and that was when I saw the double billings. I called and was told the same thing; I was responsible for all actions of all screen names.

I asked how I could do anything when I didn't know this had happened. I too was told an e-mail was sent. I too never received this supposed e-mail. I asked why I wasn't notified via postal mail and was told "we are an internet company, we only communicate via e-mail". The problem with this is that at times I have had my account totally shut down so I can't even get into aol.

The reason is because we have received e-mails with viruses. So instead of shutting down that person's account, our account is shut down. When I have called aol to find out why I can't get in, I am then told the account was shut down and an e-mail was sent to me after it was shut down telling me about it. How am I supposed to get an e-mail and read it when I can't get into the system??? Anyway, aol refuses to refund my money. Better yet, when I called at the beginning of March, they were supposed to cancel the account. I called on March 11. The date they had been billing me was on the 19th. When I received my bank statement in April, I found they had gone in on March 11 (the day on called in) and billed again over a week early for this account. I called back and was told, very bluntly, I had cancelled the account after the billing date. HAH!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, AOL needs to be put out of business. Their service is horrible, their billing practices are horrible. And Janet, the billing manager, needs to be fired. She is very rude, unethical, immoral, and deceitful. I am an unemployed mother of 3 children. I am hoping this ends soon. I am really hoping I can be reimbursed. However, I think if I even totally cancel service with AOL, they will still be charging my bank account.


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