Ford Escort - 1.6 Escort Station wagon - replaced valves twice

Posted on Saturday, April 6th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 8bffe1da

Company: Ford Escort - 1.6 Escort Station wagon - replaced valves twice

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From: Noel Petzer [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_25336#]

RE: Ford Escort - 1.6 Escort Station wagon - replaced valves twice

Dear Sir/Madam

In November 1997 I purchased a 1.6 Escort Station wagon for R72000 (about $10 000 at that time) here in South Africa. This represents about an average annual salary for anyone living in South Africa. After 3 years, in October 2000, just before my warranty expired I had a problem with the valves. The dealer very kindly ensured that all the valves were replaced and the car was fixed at no cost to myself.

Now in 2002, after only 30 000 km (that is kilometers not miles) since my valves were replaced my car has exactly the same problem again. Fortunately the dealer is getting it repaired at a relatively low cost (R3000 or a little under $300), nontheless this still represents half a months salary on what we earn, all credit to the dealer but no credit to Ford.

In South Africa due to the fact that most cars cost more than what you earn in a year most people expect at least 8 years trouble free service from thier cars. Ford does not deliver... I would highly recommend that no South African, or for that matter any person out side of the US, not to purchases any Ford product, in fact regard all American cars as suspect.. buy Japanese, it is safer, more reliable, and would in the long run cost you less.

If the Ford Motor Company feel that they should look after thier world wide customers then they are welcome to put thier money where thier mouth is, I will gladly post copies of the expense bills (from a recognized Ford dealer) to your parent company in the States and you are welcome to refund me my costs.

Something that would not cost you much (< $300) but would be greatly appreciated here in the third world where even food is hard to obtain. If you have the honest morality and decency to do that I will post a message praising you for your morality on this board.

Thank You

Noel Petzer

Just a poor ripped off African


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