Sports Center - Sports Center in Natchez, MS - thought purchased shoes were Nike, but they were not

Posted on Saturday, April 6th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 5091c2d7

Company: Sports Center

Location: NATCHEZ, MS, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

To whom it may concern: I, Carmen Holloway of Natchez, Ms. purchased what I believed to be 2 pairs of Nike shoes from a Sports Center in Natchez, Ms. Within 3 weeks of purchasing these shoes they began to come apart, and I literally mean come apart.

One pair of the shoes the entire sole separated from the shoe. The other pair the inside of the shoe would come completely out when you removed your foot from the shoe. I tried to return the shoes to the store at which they were purchased and received a lot of run around from the employees there saying that the only person who could do anything about my problem was the store manager, who was not available to me until 02-05-02.

On 02-05-02 I went back to the store to speak with the manager and he said that he could only return the shoes to the factory to be repaired or replaced by them.

After several phone calls to follow up on the situation, finally on 04-03-02 the store contacted me to tell me of a store credit that had been issued to me by the factory. When he began to tell me that the credit amount was far less than I had paid for the shoes, I informed him that that was not satisfactory for me, and requested the phone number to speak with some-one at Nike, it was then that he informed me that the shoes that I had purchased was not a Nike shoe but a shoe that they had purchased from a warehouse somewhere in Texas.

I am a single parent with 2 very small dependants who look to me to provide them with their needs. Two dependants who want to be a part of the today's fashions. Therefore I can-not afford to be taken by someone who is portraying one item as something that it is not. I thought that I was purchasing 2 pairs of shoes that contained the logo of a very reputable company, and instead what I got was 2 worthless pairs of shoes probably made somewhere in a sweat-shop being passed off as Nike's.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I also would like to apologize for the length, but at this time I am a person who is very upset and a person who has become very leery of purchasing any other products containing the Nike logo.

The one time that I gave in to my 2 children's desire for your shoes turned out to be a horrible experience for me and also for them, because they do-not have shoes made by Nike. I would also like to say that I am in no way implying that Nike itself has had any involvement with this misleading event.

I do not believe that your company would do that to their consumers. Again I thank you for your patience in reading this letter.

Ms. Carmen


857f353d, 2010-04-30, 11:35AM CDT

doesn't surprise me one bit. i used to work there before i was wrongly terminated. i worked in the screen printing department and i was instructed to duplicate many of today's major brands. at one point someone called one of the companies but they just called the owner and told him to stop. ofcourse he did not. i've seen alot of ppl used and abused at that store. Craig Wade is an evil man (among others that work there). He forces his screen printers to inhale highly toxic chemicals with NO safety equipment whatsoever. One person went blind after 6 months and another actually died of liver failure. (One of the chemicals they use say's on the label. "Can cause blindness and/or liver failure." There are safety laws for that type of work/business but Wade Craig cares more about his money than people's lives. I could go on about alot of other things that i've seen there but I havn't the time.

linda h., 2013-03-12, 10:27PM CDT

I a customer at your store located in Starkville, MS made a purchased on 03/02/13 and I was not please with my purchased it had nothing to do with the service provide at the time it was when I went to return the item and was told that I could not return my purchased which was a pair of NIKE SHOX TURBO AT THE COST OF 128.40 on my receipt 289370 it does not say any thing about I can not get a credit if I did not wish to keep my purchased yes they were tested but they were uncomfortable the shoe are not harm all I am asking is to have my money back and in return you will get your merchandise back I hope to here from you by 3/15/13

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