Kodak - Kodak DC3200 digital camera, purchased at Computer Folks in Paragould Arkansas

Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 549859eb

Product: Kodak DC3200 digital camera

Company: Kodak

Category: Consumer Electronics

I recently purchased a card reader for my Kodak DC3200 digital camera at Computer Folks in Paragould Arkansas......The product cost me $29.99 I brought it home and tried to install it which did not work...I called the store to see if there was supposed to be software with it and Kim told me that it was Plug and Play.....I didn't need software.....I finally found the same product online from the company that makes them for $14.99 and it came with software.

So I called the number on the website for technical help....They told me that the product was supposed to come with software to install it....I took it back to the Computer Folks and she finally exchanged it for another card reader.....I took that one home and placed my camera card in it and it melted the card (not the whole card just a small spot to where the wire is showing on the card)It will not work at all now.....

The card reader now when plugging into my computer freezes up my computer.....The card is ruined and It cost around $65 to replace.....I called Kim again at the Computer Folks and explained the situation to her and she said that was weird for it to have melted my camera card. When I asked her who made the card reader she gave me she didn't know..It has no name on the box it came out of except Compact Flash Card Reader...She wanted me to bring the card reader and my camera in to her so she can check out the card reader and she if it will work for her....

She has done this to other customers I have found out...And she has told them she has replaced parts that she never replaced at all Just charged them for it.....I am not leaving a expensive digital camera with her to ruin.....All I want is my money back for the damaged caused by a second rate faulty merchandise she is selling at unreal higher prices than the original companies are selling theirs for. How can she mark up prices of merchandise that are second rate material ?

All I want is my money back and I think she should replace my camera card even if its just a cheaper version of the kodak one.....All I want is for her to take responsibility for the merchandise she thinks so much of, to mark up the price 3 times the amount you would normally pay.......I'm not the only person that has had problems with this Business.....Can you please look into this matter.......

Thank You so much,

Rhonda K.


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