1999 GMC Jimmy - pre-owned - from at Columbia Pontiac Buick GMC of Hanover, MA

Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 1af872ce

Company: 1999 GMC Jimmy - pre-owned - from at Columbia Pontiac Buick GMC of Hanover, MA

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From: Barbara Cotti [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_24958#]

RE: 1999 GMC Jimmy - pre-owned - from at Columbia Pontiac Buick GMC of Hanover, MA

Bought a pre-owned a GM CERTIFIED Dealership for near $20,000 on Saturday.

Although it was a GM Certified it had a crack and small whole in the windshield which I asked to have replaced.

Verbally confirmed by sales person dealership would take care of it.

Picked up vehicle to take ownership inquired of replaced windshield as the sun was so bright my 60 year old eyes couldn't tell. I was told it was taken care of.

On way home noticed it was not fixed.

Called back on Sunday asking what's up with the windshield. was told it had been repaired. I said replaced was the word not repaired. Although it was a GM CERTIFIED vehicle it also making loud humming noise at 60 mph. Brought in 8 am Monday am. for service

Was told window would have to be taken up with sales.

Left note for sales

Called later asking what's up with window.

told they are working on it they will talk later

later went to pick up car not done

window not replaced

said want money back

said can't do that

said I don't want the car give me my money back

said sorry you bought the car it is yours

I left and emailed everyone I thought may assist me with this GM Certified dilemma

next day they said the windshield is replaced I wonder if it is a GM Certified window or after market


But do I dare get fussy after all I only paid near $20,000 for this set of wheels!!!

hum not yet found

next *3rd* day hum cause still not found

tomorrow the 4 th day at the GM Certified Dealership to fix a GM Certified1999 auto which has been around

for a few years!!!!!!!!!!!!!are these people human or what and did GM train them? To do what?

I asked if they are spending time with the car or is it just sitting

Then said I would come pick it up

After speaking with the crew at work who can't believe this is happening with such a up to now considered a pretty reputable dealership advised me to change my mind and leave it there figuring they probably are dragging it on to aggravate me more and want me to take it off their hands. I expect at this point I don't know what to do. Go to a lawyer?

I know

1. my warranty should not start until the vehicle leaves the shop or I should get my money back

and I want to ask

how long does one realistically give a dealership to fix a car.

I work 25 miles away and have a very responsible job. I open the office and have 35 people who depend on me to keep it running.

And you can believe none of them nor their friends and families will escape knowing who to steer clear of when looking to purchase a vehicle. You can put money on that!

And I am a very giving kind and responsible person who is respected by many. I take spiders outside rather than kill them!

Please advise if you can.



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