2000 Chevy Corvette - purchase at Sunset Auto Plaza, Banning, Calif

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Company: 2000 Chevy Corvette - purchase at Sunset Auto Plaza, Banning, Calif

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Purchased automobile from this dealer with 7800 hundred miles on it. Dealer advised us they were the delivering dealer and it was a friend of the owner of the dealership and they knew every detail in regard to this car. It was just as new. The first buyer had pasted away and the wife wanted to return the car back to the dealer so they assumed the car again.

We did not buy this car at a discounted price or receive any written documentation on the history of the car as was promised. We paid this dealer $48,000.00 for this car. We drove this car that supposedly had just been serviced to perfection, for a minimal l500 miles. The car used three quarts of oil in the short miles we drove it and the lifters we making a terrible sound. We took the auto back to the dealer with our complaints and let them have four to five days to get things right.

To our horror the service writer called us after a few days and advised us this car needed piston rings, valves, and lifters. Another words, he says, it needs an engine rebuild and overhaul. A new Corvette that we drove l500 miles and only had 9000 miles on it needed an engine REBUILT.THE DEALERSHIP STATED OH THAT IS NO BIG DEAL AND ITS ALL COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. All warranty work is now public information and they did not fix this car under warranty when they had it as it would have been impossible to sell.

So, now they want us to assume the problems and take the car back so we can try to deal with any future problems and try to resell the car our selves. All the information they gave to us in regard to this car has been deceitful lies, misrepresentation and besides we gave them cash. To date they have refused to give us transportation unless we sign unconditional statements and take back the car.

Three weeks they have refused to meet with us and the owner/manager has ignored all phone calls and letters. Mr. Frank Caletto, owner, has owned other dealerships which he has proceeded with this same tactic as we are now finding out. They advertise that every customer will be treated professionally and completely satisfied with their dealership. I find it hard to be a satisfied customer as we are scammed out of $48,000.00 dollars.

The Corvette is a high performance car that takes special care and we have owned four others with much satisfaction. We now sit here with Sunset Auto Plaza in possession of this car, us no car, attorney retained and mounting time and energy trying to get some resolution to the problem. We would have even purchased a new car at a higher price if these people would have been honest and customer caring. They even had a person call us bogusly representing customer service from Chevrolet.

I am fortunate enough though, to have several family members that work in the car dealership industry and have been able to trace all past information for us in regard to this misrepresentation of a mechanically defunct and expensive automobile.

Thank you

Mrs. Sherry Williamson


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