Dell computer - warranty trouble

Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by d8160aa3

Company: Dell computer - warranty trouble

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# 18 for April 24, 2002 received the following consumer message on April 23, 2002:

From: Willibald Spitz [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_24977#]

RE: Dell computer - warranty trouble

This letter is kind of late to send to you, but I just found your address in the April, 2002, PC WORLD and is just to reinforce how miserable Dell Computer treats its customer. It cost me $225 + . But it costs DELL a lot more, since I would never buy or recommend a computer made by DELL and neither will my friends and associates. This letter should be named "DELL Computer Corp. warranty rip-off'. I purchased a Dell a Dell Dimension 4100, 1 Gig computer from Dell on 10/10/2000. After about a week I discovered that the CD's for MS Works Suite 2000 where missing, When the program asked for a certain disk and I did not have it. I called Dell tech support and was told that they will send the CD's. The CD's arrived about a week later, the invoice said" Kit, Software, Works Suite 2000" when I tried to use them they did not work, I called Tech support again and was told to reinstall MS Works disks again, it would not, after a 90 minute nightmare with tech support I discovered that the CD's where MS WORKSSUITE 2001 and my computer was a mess and nothing was running right. I was told then to, back up what can be backed up and reformat your Hard Drive, since I never done that and am not going to start now for lack of experience and besides I had paid $2966.89 for the new computer and not a do it yourself kit, I ask to send a technician to perform that, since Dell support screwed it up and in the purchase was a 3 Year Warranty included, ONE-YEAR IN HOUSE, 2 year’s parts only. The first time a technician showed up with an empty HD, I would not let him install it. He called Dell and was told after 30 minutes that they do and cannot get MS Works 2000. After many more hours of calling with Dell, they send the same technician again with another hard drive which had MS Millennium on it, when I asked him to transfer all the other items from my screwed up hard drive, he told me that he is not authorized to do that. I did not let him install the second drive either since he was going to take my drive with all my work on it with him. When I called Dell again I was told that the INHOUSE WARRANTY DOES NOT INCLUDE THAT, it is only for changing defective parts, but not their screw-ups. I called the Credit Card Company and disputed the charge. I told Dell they can have their computer back, but was told it is to late for that. After the C. Card dispute report I was cut off from Dell's Tech support. Now I had a computer practical useless, I got a computer technician to repair the damage DELL did and it cost me another $225.00, when I called them again they offered $ 113.00 reimbursement, which I told them they either pay all the $ 225.00 or keep the $113.00. Actually it cost me much more counting all the loops I had to jump through, besides I have no tech support the last 4 month. Since your magazine keeps raving about Dell Computer, maybe you can tell me who to contact at Dell so I will get my Tech support back for which I paid good money and get my $225.00 back what it cost me to get somebody else to fix there tech support screw up Hoping to hear from you, W.J. Spitz COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_24977# The above letter was originally sent to PC WORLD with out any result.


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