1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible - Lost or Stolen - vehicle gone from dealer lot

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Company: 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible - Lost or Stolen - vehicle gone from dealer lot

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Business Reply - April 29, 2004 - From: //

I have reviewed the complaint listed by Ms. Pool. She is correct that a stolen vehicle report was placed on the vehicle. Some clarifications on her complaint – 1st of all we are not a take in center for Chrysler and have no ability to contact them to pick up vehicles. 2nd her vehicle that was missing in action had been repossessed by Chrysler, and that is where her car was.

Ms. Pool should know there is a standard procedure for filing a lemon law agreement on a new car and that the lemon law does not exist on a used car. Had she followed the correct department of transportation procedure there may have been some help for her Chrysler vehicle. However she decided to abandon the vehicle on our lot.

She has sued the dealership for the deficit amount of the lien agreement, stating that we stole her car and sold it to someone else. She states it was a voluntary surrender in her letter, as such she is responsible for the amount. We did not sell her car, the lien holder wholesaled her “repossessed vehicle” and sold it to an individual buyer. Thank you. Bill Cheek Sales Manager

Lute Riley Honda

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Richardson, TX 75206

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From: Sandra Jane Pool [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66234#]

RE: 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible - Lost or Stolen - vehicle gone from dealer lot

April 20, 2002

Sandra J. Pool

Garland, Texas 75043 E-mail Address > COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66234# Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter regarding the negligence of the dealership where I had purchased my new vehicle. On December 19, 2001, I had purchased my new, used vehicle, a 1999 Honda Accord. Because of the defective condition my other car was in, the dealership would not accept my 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible for a trade in. I had been having water damage problems with my Chrysler Sebring for over three years. Every time it rained, my car would be flooded inside. I would have at least three inches of water inside my car. Not being able to get any Chrysler dealership to resolve this flooding problem, I suffered with this for three and one half years. The water did not come from leaks around the windows. It came from underneath the floor. In December 2001, I decided to trade this car for something else. The floor of my Chrysler was so rotten, I could no longer handle the smell or the flooding problem. I still owed $7,000 on my note. I had also paid a vehicle technician to drill holes under the floor of my Sebring. This still did not resolve the water problem. When it rained, the water still remained underneath the floor. I had received a voucher from my credit card company for secured approval for financing. The voucher stipulated that I purchase a vehicle from Lute Riley Honda dealership in Richardson, TX. This is where I purchased my new preowned car. My salesman, Rudy Rivera, encouraged me to purchase a 1999 Honda Accord and return my 1997 Chrysler Sebring to Chrysler because of the water problems. In reality, I had no other choice. I had already been to several other car dealerships to trade my Sebring for a new car, but all of the other dealerships refused my car for a trade in because of the flooding problem. They could hear the water underneath the floor. On December 19, 2001, I decided to do as my salesman, Mr. Rivera, suggested. I purchased the 1999 Honda Accord. Mr. Rudy Rivera, of Lute Riley Honda, told me I could leave my Sebring convertible there at the dealership and Chrysler could pick my car up there. I had called Chrysler on December 20, 2001, and told a representative that I had purchased a new car and that I was returning the Sebring back to Chrysler. This was strictly a voluntary surrender. I explained why I was returning the car and I also sent letters to Chrysler explaining the flooding problems I had with the Sebring. Now for the serious part. I trusted the employees at Lute Riley Honda regarding my Sebring being left on their parking lot for Chrysler to pick up. On April 17, 2002, I received a telephone call from Becky at Chrysler head office. She explained to me that a police report had been filed regarding the theft of my Sebring. She said that my Sebring was never retrieved from Lute Riley Honda and that the theft had been reported to the police. The police report also states that I am their primary suspect in the theft. I went to Lute Riley Honda Friday, April 19, 2002, to demand an explanation for the disappearance of my Sebring. I was told that Mr. Rudy Rivera, my salesman, is no longer employed at Lute Riley Honda. The Sales Manager, Mr. Thomas Via, told me that my car might have been moved to the parking lot of another company not associated with Lute Riley Honda. Mr. Via also stated that this company probably had my car towed. I stated that moving my car to another parking lot was negligent and I demanded that they find my car. This is very upsetting to me knowing I could be arrested for theft of my own vehicle. I do not know where my car is. I have not seen my Sebring since December 19, 2001. Some one at Lute Riley Honda was negligent in losing my car. All of the people I talked to would not even acknowledge that my Sebring even existed. Please tell me what can I do to find my car and resolve this serious problem? I do not feel comfortable knowing that there is a police report regarding the theft of my car with myself as the primary suspect. I want these people to take responsibility for the disappearance of my car. I also want the Sebring returned to me and to clear my name from the police report as a suspect in a theft I was not involved in. If they did not want the responsibility of my vehicle being parked on their lot, they should have been honest with me so I could have made other arrangements. An employee claims my car was moved off of their parking lot and now he is saying he does not have any knowledge of my car. He would not admit to being negligent in the disappearance of my car. I am holding the company, Lute Riley Honda negligent in the loss of my car. People I spoke with at Lute Riley Honda on April 19, 2002: Rudy Rivera > Mr. Thomas Via > Assistant Sales Manager Dawn Bracher > office Tam Pham > Salesman Lute Riley Honda telephone number # 1-800-NEW–HONDA or (972) 238-1700 I spoke with Becky of Chrysler on April 17, 2002 > (877) 679-6096 Ext (7464) My Sebring convertible is White with a Black top


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