2001 SantaFe Hyundai Motor America - 2001 SantaFe Hyundai Motor America, purchased at Lia Hyundai, Hartford, CT - horrible experience

Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by e07b812b

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I purchased a 2001 SantaFe w/24,500 miles from Lia Hyundai in Hartford CT. This was my first new car purchase. I would like you to know, that it was a horrible experience. On Wednesday, December 5th, I went into the dealership in hopes of finding a new SantaFe. Fortunately (or so I thought), Lia Hyundai of Hartford had a 2001 SantaFe that had been traded in. Supposedly the previous owner decided they had wanted a 4wd vehicle and this one was only 2wd. I signed all the paperwork that day.

Margie and George, the sales people, were trying to get me to take the car off the lot that day. I had asked to wait until Friday so that a couple things could be fixed (scratches, floor mats, some interior chipping on the dash), but they convinced me to pick it up on Thursday after work. Margie told me the car would be registered, through emissions and everything that I wanted fixed would be taken care of. Thursday, December 6th, I called Margie around 3pm to ensure that my car was in fact ready. She told me that it had been ready and waiting for me all day. I was very excited! I left work early and arrived at the dealership around 5pm. But when I arrived, my car hadn't been moved. They hadn't done a thing to it. No emissions, no registration, no fixing of anything, no safety inspection.....NOTHING!!! I was very upset.

I mean I had called and everything. Gloria, the financial person, had me fill out some paperwork for my loan (which ended up being more than we had agreed upon), and then they asked me if I could come back the next day to have it registered etc. I really didn't want to take the time off of work, but I said okay. They sent me off that night with my "new" car and dealer plates. Friday, December 7th, I returned to the dealership around 2:30pm. I went in and tried to find Gloria. Eventually, someone found her and I went into her office. She was crying and there was an array of drama happening around me. Supposedly George and her got in a fight about how much they sold me the car for, many words were exchanged, and I guess George lost his job for about a day. (I'm not really suer about the details, I just witnessed the crying and swearing) Anyway, they had someone bring my car through emissions and they gave me a temporary registration.

Margie put floor mats in my car and they said they would call me to schedule when the dash and scratches would be fixed. So I left with my car for the second time. I thought about it and then checked under my hood when I got home. They had NEVER done a check on my car. No oil change, no top off of the fluids, no washing and probably no safety check. Saturday, December 8th, I went in and spoke to Gloria. She gave me an "I OWE YOU" for 3 free oil changes because they never did one. FINE! Whatever! I'm unsure of the date, but I believe it was the week after Christmas, I had an appointment (after playing phone tag w/John G for 2 weeks) to get the scratches and chips fixed on my car. I needed to drop it off for the entire day, so I asked John G if he could make arrangements for a rental car fo r me to get to work that day. He called me back and said that everything was all set. He said to come in and drop my car off in the morning and that there would be a rental car waiting for me. The next day, I went to drop my car off at 7:30am. Funny, nobody knows anything about my rental car. I end up sitting around for 1.5 hours waiting for the driver of the shuttle to get back. He gets back and brings me to work. The entire time hitting on me and asking me out. After John G avoided my phone calls all day, I got a ride back there after work from a friend. At about 5pm I returned to Lia Hyundai and spoke w/John G. He barely apologized and said there must have been a mix up. OOPS!! March 7th, I went in after work for an oil change and to have them to a general check on my car ( I also ordered my driver side visor for the 3rd time). It seemed a little funny to me. I sat in the waiting room for awhile. They came back told me I had an oil change and that the rest of my car was all set. My car continued to function abnormally. Yesterday, April 15th, I brought my car to the Enfield Hyundai. I was absolutely fed up w/the Hartford dealership. Kevin, the service manager gave me a call early morning and began to tell me my SantaFe's diagnosis. When he did so, he asked me how long I have had the car.

I responded back to him with "4 months" and he said that I shouldn't have to pay for all of things wrong with my car and that he would call me back. Kevin called the Hartford dealership and explained my situation to them. They faxed him "all of the paperwork on my car and basically told him that it had been more than 90 days and there was absolutely nothing they were willing to do.

I had to replace my front brakes, clean my rear brakes, I needed two new front tires, I need to have my air ducts cleaned out and air filter replaced, have a new transmission filter and fluid put it, flush and replace my coolant, replace the wiper blades, replace some bulbs and replace something w/the timing belt.

Now it seems a little funny to me that March 7th (the day I asked them to check everything out), was the 89th day of the 90 days I had as a used car warranty. It is absolutely ridiculous that I had to fix all these things. If they had done a proper check (or done anything proper) before I took my car off their lot, they would've been able to catch some or all of these things. I don't appreciate the level of "service" that i received from Hyundai. i am more than disappointed with this entire car purchasing experience and if I could, I would sell my car back. But if I sell my car I wouldn't get nearly as much money as I paid for it. I don't appreciate the lack of respect and/or the disorder and lack of responsibility that is all part of the Lia Hyundai dealership in Hartford CT. I am absolutely outraged and will NEVER go there for anything ever again. I will also make sure that no person I come in contact with goes there for anything. Especially not to buy a car (new or used). Sincerely.

Erin R.


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