Homelife - Stores, Furniture - Homelife, Pleasanton, CA late delivery of couch, chair, ottoman purchase

Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2001 at 3:43pm CDT by a66de67a

Product: Furniture

Company: Homelife


Category: Stores, Shopping

I purchased couch, chair and ottoman, and bookcases from Homelife in Pleasanton, CA 4 months ago. What a fiasco! I was told the items would be received in 8 weeks. After I left store, I got a call from the person I bought the furniture from, saying it would actually take 1 more week - 9 weeks total. She was supposed to call me when it came in, to schedule a delivery. She never called. When I called, I was told I needed to speak w/salesperson I bought furniture from, but she wasn't in and I couldn't leave message. I tried again following day, and was told this particular salesperson was no longer w/ the company. They acted like I was just supposed to forget about my order. I then asked to speak w/ somebody in customer service. This person told me that some of my furniture was in, but they were waiting on the bookcases and had no idea when they would be in, but I should call back in a week or so. I called back a week later and still was told no word on bookcases. I called back the next week, and they told me the same thing. In frustration, I asked couldn't I receive the furniture which had come in several weeks ago. Person said yes - like I was supposed to know that. But, I had to schedule a delivery date, and first date available was 2 weeks away. By this time, I was angry and asked to speak with the customer service manager. Told she wasn't in. I left message saying I was very unhappy. She didn't call me back until several days later. When she did, she was uninformed and ineffective. To make a long story short, after many calls I found out my bookcases were never even ordered and had to be ordered. I am still waiting for them. When my other furniture was delivered, the chair only had 3 legs. I have been trying to get the 4th leg for over a month now. I got a leg yesterday, but it was the wrong color. Anyway, to anyone out there thinking about going to Homelife, think again! I think they are terrible.


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