Thursday, May 5, 2016

New site coming

Hello there. This is a temporary site we are using while building a new A better platform for communication.

For the new... Of course mobile / app first. A little late to the game... But we will come back strong. Full pic / video with large file sizes. Still complete control over your own user content as before. Post. Edit. Delete. Not selling anything to anyone. Just ads. Anonymously. 

Also will launch and at the same time with the same mobile-first functionality. Also and 

Here's a pic of where we are in Greece now. Enjoying some downtime but actively planning the new. Thanks! Matt (& Rain). 

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  1. Big fan of the old and have been in the consumer reviews and complaints space for many years now. Have watched others come and go, and would love to help out in any way with the remake of I currently moderate content and manage social media at HissingKitty and we are growing really fast.