Felicitas Recto Realty - Felicitas Recto Realty Brokerage Real Estate Transaction Fraud/Fraudulent Conduct, Intent to Scam

Posted on Monday, September 1st, 2014 at 7:26pm CDT by General N.

Company: Felicitas Recto Realty

Location: 711 Camba St, BGY 273

Category: Real Estate

Background behind the Fraud: Beginning in February of 2012, we (the buyers) entered into a real estate transaction with Felicitas Sy Recto (a.k.a Fe Recto, Baby Recto) to purchase a property she owns in Better Living Subdivision in the City of Paranaque, at a price negotiated of Php 4,400,000. We would later learn that her intent was only to secure a good faith deposit of Php 100,000 pesos, which she would not agree to return unless pressured through legal channels to do so. Mrs. Recto accepted the deposit predicated on a sale of the property as well as the written terms of there being a bank guarantee, something she would later refute despite her own signature.After much time spent in negotiation between the parties during which she changed her decisions several times without explanation on the reasons the deal was never consummated. In fact, it was never her intent to consummate the deal, substantiated by the following details.

1. Despite her denial that she demanded an all cash deal for her property, Felicitas Sy Recto clearly signed an agreement to accept a deposit to clear the property for purchase based on a 20% down payment and a bank guarantee for the remaining balance. In fact, Felicitas Sy Recto met the buyers at the banking institution where she saw a copy of the Bank Guarantee in front of a loan officer and stated, I believe that you have the Bank Guarantee.

2. Despite her prior agreement to accept a Certified Check for a portion of the funds, paid in US dollars to the tune of 40:1 exchange rate, she refused the same check when it was presented, citing, If the check was in Canadian Dollars, Id be happy to accept it.

3. She requested a copy of the bank guarantees from the bank. When those guarantees were made available to her to complete the transaction, she never made her presence to the bank to accept them and gave no further explanation for her refusal (I have e-mails and copies of Cell Phone texts to help prove the conversations). In fact, and for reasons known only to her, she never signed the Deed of Absolute Sale despite the buyers requirements being fully met.

4. To facilitate the transaction, she used three (3) third parties acting as brokers even though she is a licensed real estate broker herself. As for the other parties, none of them are licensed despite representing themselves as such.

5. Despite the written terms of the good faith deposit stating that a failure of either party to fulfill their obligations in the transaction would result in a return of the deposit, Felicitas Sy Recto disagreed with her own agreement. From her actions and subsequent threats to my family, it became increasingly clear that Felicitas Sy Recto had a motive to defraud anyone making an offer on her property, and has potentially done so to others as well as possibly planning to do so in the future.

Further Details: The property in question that was for sale is located at 29 Shanghai Street, Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines. The property was originally listed at Php 4.5 million, accepted as an offer for sale at 4.4 million. Felicitas Sy Recto, a Philippine National, is allegedly a real estate broker and a customs broker (FS Brokerage), though calls to her listed work phone number do not seem to route. Her husband, Jaime R. Recto, a Philippine national, allegedly operates a trucking company, Jaime Recto Trucking. Calls to the listed phone number reveal a non-working number for the company. There is no forwarding listing.


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