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Posted on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at 2:57pm CDT by morgan f.

Product: Airline

Company: Southwest Airlines

Location: 2702 LOVE FIELD DRIVE DALLAS, TX 75235
DALLAS, TX, 75235, US


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After our trip from hell and cruise being ruined we came back and called southwest..not only did they not stand by their word of compensation..they removed my posts on fb and ignored me not making things right. Please see below for horror story as I hope no one flys with them and has to deal with the HORRIBLE customer service that I am still living!

Last Thursday the 21st had flight from Chicago to ATL with connection to final destination Jacksonville for our cruise. After delay made it to ATL at 10:30 with next flight leaving at 10:40... Ran to gate made it in at 10:36 but flight doors were closed.. Plane was still there. Went to deal where we had worst customer service person who should not be employed working with people. She was horribly rude to us from the get go which only made us more mad. She told us next flight wouldn't get to Jacksonville until 3:50.. Boat left at 4 so that obviously wouldn't work. She the. Rudely told us to sit down. After 30 min came to is pretty much said morning they can do but delta had 12:15 flight that would get us there in time to make cruise ship. She said for our inconvenience we would each get 2 RT tickets anywhere SW or AirTran flew within a year and would also be credited for 2nd leg of flights which was only like $10 but still after tickets was ok by us. We asked her about bags and she said they made it on flight we missed.. We questioned her and asked how that was possible she rudely said "baggage travels faster the people you'd be surprised." We sat there and asked her again as we were in disbelief she sternly told us our bags were on plane and be waiting for us in Jacksonville. We go to delta each pay 400 for a 40 min flight. Get to Jacksonville and go to SW baggage.. Surprise surprise luggage not there. Another rude customer service agent told us to go to delta to find our bags.. We said how or why would they have our bags he said that's last airline you traveled with.. Made no sense and at this

Point we were heated.. Go all the way across airport to delta they tell us no how would we know where bags are. We go back to SW same guy then throws fit and calls airline manager saying delta won't file claim.. We don't care about claim we just want to know where our bags are!! He then tells us he doesn't know like it was nothing. So now we miss transportation to cruise.. Have no bags and have no idea where they are. We call cruise ship they talk to bosses there and captain trying to help us. Guy who didn't help us gets off new woman Suzanne comes on duty tells us bags could be on next flight coming in but could be in Atlanta. So were thinking no cruise and lose another 2,000 on top of 800 for extra flight. Carnival captain sent car for us to airport at 3:30 we made it to boat and SW had currier waiting.. Bags ended up on late flight and captain held boat for our bags. After a day of crying and hell SW was horrible. If Michelle Ball wouldn't have lied and told us bags were on plane and be waiting in fl we could have checked bags into delta and had no problem. So I call today to tell story and get info on our 2 free RT tickets Michelle did not note it in account and no compensation except for 176 we paid for on original flight which is nothing. I have only flown SW and swore by it.. I had my friends and family fly it as well. Lastweek I talked co worker into using them and her baggage was lost as well.. This was a nightmare and never want to use them again. The fact that they still aren't making things right and standing by what the liar Michele told us is even worse!


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