The Real Estate Center - Property manager ripoff

Posted on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 10:40am CDT by f5873907

Product: Property management

Company: The Real Estate Center

Location: 2440 Commerce Rd

Category: Real Estate

The property manager that runs this business put a convicted felon into our rental property without telling me, there are children that live in this neighborhood.

Things were fine until this couple started being late on the rent and then not at all. When this happened, I told the property manager that I wanted them out of the house, several times, but she did not do as I asked her. She eventually turned it back over to me, through a LETTER, didn't have the common courtesy to let me know she was planning on doing this, I had no idea.

She left me to deal with getting them out. When they got behind two months, I had to take them to court to get them out. The magistrate decided in my favor and ordered the couple evicted, plus the two months rent and court costs, I have yet to see it.

When we finally got into the house to clean it, I could not believe all the damage that this couple had done, we took pictures of everything and have proof of the damage. I don't even know where to start, they tore all the wooden doors off the hinge, plus a storm door and the frame, the husband urinated and defecated repeatedly on the master bedroom and living room carpet, tore up a BRAND new bathroom floor, numerous holes in the wall, ruined the commode, used the bathroom in the GARAGE, broke the AC, broke a window, left behind their refrigerator full of mold and moldy food. Plus she had kept a cat and dog inside the house, even though there was a no pets clause in the lease.

This property manager insisted that she held inspections and they kept the house clean, seriously? You couldn't even to begin to imagine all the filth these people left behind! Also this property manager had someone install a pipe and it messed up the plumbing, causing the kitchen sink to leak. Not only that, this was done without my knowledge and permission. When I called her about it, she denied it, so who did it?

I paid her money to fix the house, paint it and put in a new bathroom floor plus to get it clean for renting. This couple destroyed all of this. The magistrate told me she was responsible for paying for the damage because she is the one who put them in there. I called her and she denies any responsibility. I don't have the money to get everything fixed that they ruined. I paid her to manage the property but obviously she had no clue what was going on up there. If she had done her job to begin with and gotten these people out when I asked, this could have been avoided. I am disabled and in a wheelchair, I asked my daughter to go check the house, I had a neighbor go with her, because I didn't want her to go by herself. Good thing I did, because when they went to do an inspection, the husband became aggressive and balled up his fist at them, threatening to hit them!

I paid her to take care of the property and now it's destroyed, and she won't own up to her mistakes. I wish I had never laid eyes on her and hired her. I would not recommended her to anyone who wants to rent their property!


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