Gary Wasilewsky - Complaint on Celerant Technology Corp

Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 at 2:52am CDT by Gary W.

Product: website upgrade with Cam Commerce Solutions (Cam)

Company: Gary Wasilewsky

Location: 230 Johnson Ferry rd Suite E-10 Marietta,GA,30068


Category: Computers, Software

I entered into a contract for a website upgrade with Cam Commerce Solutions (Cam). I have been having an incredibly frustrating experience over the past year with you as I will detail below:

On 5/10/2012, I was told it would take a few months to get the data from my existing website into the new one. Everything was in place, and I was told there were no issues. The agreement was for $27,500.00 and payable over 9 months. I was told the new website would only take 3 to 4 months to complete, and I paid $3055.55 monthly.

On 07/25/2012, I contacted Tony Couch, the sales person, asking for an update. At this time, he stated it was taking longer than expected. I requested that you not continue to charge me the monthly fee, and they stated it could not be done. You insisted on taking the monthly payment from me even though the product was still not available for use.

On 10/22/12, I received an e-mail stating the new website would go live on 11/6/12. When this did not happen, I decided to stop payment until the promised product was complete (only three payments remained). Your company then stopped my technical support, even though my support account was current.

I made an agreement with Ian Goldman, the new owner as Cam Commerce was purchased by Celerant Technology, to continue to pay, and he stated it would take 10 days to get everything working.

The website was still not up after those 10 days passed. I received a call from Zeke Hamdani, manager of the project, in December 2012 informing me he had to restructure the whole department, as the program was not working and I needed to have patience. I agreed to this.

This has been going on since, with very little progress. I have been pushing your company to complete this project, and nothing has been accomplished. My marketing/SEO team tried to get your cooperation in simple tasks such as URL re-directs, and you did not complete these tasks, in spite of numerous follow-up e-mails, many of which were never responded to.

In the meantime, I have paid $21,388.00, and the project is still not complete. You have also been charging me $300 per month for the test server, and this was never in our agreement.

The owner, Mr. Ian Goldman, would not respond to emails any longer until I reported him to the FTC main website. This is the response I received from him after reporting him to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission:

you have a better site ? it just takes more work which you do not want to do. Now that i know what you have done, i will stop responding to you and i will defend our actions regardless of the ramifications. I hope you are prepared for that.

I do not believe you are able to complete the work as it is now 2 years later. I am extremely frustrated at the amount of money that I have spent to no avail. You have been giving me the run around for over a year now, which is unprofessional and unacceptable.

Furthermore, Mr. Goldman?s response to me was unprofessional and rude. A businessman cannot ?ignore? his client(s) when he is the one breaching contract.

It has now been two years and the site has never been functioning.

The last email I received from Edward Rowin dated December 13th stated it would be complete in 8 ? 10 Days. This was alsonever achieved.

I am now seeking a refund. I stopped paying the support as they owe me over $30,000.00 and they threatened to shut down my existing website.

Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 4:03 PM

Subject: Comfort Feet

We ran 500.00 on your credit card ending in 1611 and we will continue to run 500 every Monday.

The website will not be shut down tomorrow.

My web site has now been shut down, there was no discussion.

They did not adhere to the agreement.

I would appreciate everyone to contact Ian Goldman and AnnGao to get this issue resolved.

Ian Goldman


Celerant Technology Corp.

P: 718-351-2000 x104

F: 718-317-6948

[email protected]

Ann Gao

[email protected]

Corporate Headquarters

CAM Commerce Solutions

17075 Newhope Street, Suite A

Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA

Phone: (714) 338-0200

Fax: (714) 241-9893


Gary Wasilewsky

1230 Johnson Ferry rd

Suite E-10



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Ian G., 2014-09-09, 10:52AM CDT

Gary Wasilewsky is the sales person / sales manager at comfort feet Group, He had called us many times asking for discounts of many of our services.

After we told him that we don't do business like a market in Russia, he retained our services at the usual rate.

He then started filing disputes with his Credit Card company, Reversed the charges, did a "charge back" and methodically tried to avoid payment for EACH and EVERY services we provided.

It was clear to us from day one that he did not want to pay in money, so continued his futile attempts to pay us with SANDALS !

After we sent his debt to a collection agency we were notified that Gary Wasilewsky never worked for the company at all and was never authorized to charge the company credit card at all !

Turns out that Gary Wasilewsky was just an "outside" sales agent for an e-commerce store at and had nothing to do with the retail store at comfort feet Group.

WE than notified the Police Department of Athens, Ga. and to our surprise the detective in Athens informed us that Gary Wasilewsky had pulled this kind of scam in the past and we should contact the Police Department of Marietta, GA.

Gary Wasilewsky like to use the names Gary G. Wasilewsky, Gary J. Wasilewsky.David Wasilewsky , Craig Wasilewsky,Jed Wasilewsky and even his wife's name: Beverley Wasilewsky.

He managed to enter the country undocumented and his age is estimated to be around 60-65.

He now lives in a foreclosed apartment (without rent) at: 954 Glenverness, Marietta, GA 30068.

His real cell phone number is 770-518-0782,

According to the investigators of the FTC he used other phone numbers for cover as:

(770) 518-0782, (770) 518-0870, (770) 518-6727 & (770) 552-8604.

Please be carful of this shoe salesman!

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