Bell Canada - Bell Canada Tele/Inter. Disppointment

Posted on Sunday, August 10th, 2014 at 10:05am CDT by 7894edee

Product: Bell Canada Home tel/ fiber internet

Company: Bell Canada

Location: MONTREAL, CA


Category: Telecommunications

Dear Bell,

I was a loyal customer for 10 years. The year of 2014 I decided to order the bell fiber DSL the first package. On Friday, 8 August my telephone line went out. Saturday August 9th I call them, And they referred me to a customer technical support from Malaysia or something do it sound with the Malaysian or Philippine I don't know , The guy told me there's nothing they could do because there were no technician available to come on Saturdays or Sundays .

I explain my situation I am about to receive important call, Second and he told me hold on soon he will put me on hold and call me back 10 minutes after if you have an emergency technician. Still nothing. call back again some one from Asia answer. so I'm very disappointed in bell that the referring customers overseas and didn't handle the problem in Canada very Disappointed. I am a senior citizen Bell canada. I'm so disappointed in Bell Canada that I don't want to be a member anymore plus they could give me a rebate for a couple days there was no phone available I was receiving important call.

This proves that they don't care about their customers they don't give a darn about anything the customers says. the customer is not worth anything to them only money's worth more to bell .

Thank you Bell Canada for giving best service . On Saturdays August 9th 2014.

Bell doesn't care about its customer who is a 65+ with heart problem & who lives in a low income housing .

Thank you bell for your service ever.


A Worth less 3rd class citizen of canada from south east Asia


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