- Hulu Stinks!

Posted on Friday, August 8th, 2014 at 10:58pm CDT by Steve S.

Product: tv streaming movies


Location: US

URL: hulu.fcom

Category: Entertainment is an internet streaming movie service. They are supported by advertisers, which is fair. They also have a paid ?premium? service.

Recently Hulu has gone to a new routine where they frequently interrupt the streaming movie to advise you the ads will not load. This is apparently to force viewers into abandoning the conventional streaming service and pay for the premium service. A single movie may require a viewer to reboot four or five times to watch an entire movie.

With their new wrinkle to prompt viewers to subscribe to their premium service, Hulu doesn?t have any respect for their viewers. If I?m going to pay to watch streaming movies I don?t want commercials. Netflix does it right, you have to pay, but no commercials. Hulu is trying to do it both ways and take advantage of viewers ? I?m done with them. Hulu stinks and isn?t worth my time or trouble.


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