Shop RTA Cabinets - Shop RTA Does Not Have Your Cabinets and then Won't Refund Your $

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 8:19am CDT by Kimberly B.

Product: Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Company: Shop RTA Cabinets

Location: 11235 Franklin Dr.
FRANKLIN PARK, IL, 60131-1105, US


Category: Building, Construction

I ordered cabinets over the phone with Frank authorizing a checking account withdrawl because Shop RTA doesn't accept credit cards "because it keeps costs down and they pass the savings along to the consumer". The 2-5 week delivery was a bit long but the cabinets were pretty and affordable. Five weeks passed without delivery or any communication from Shop RTA. I started calling and emailing daily starting 6/13/14. Despite their claims that they will call you in one business day, Shop RTA has NEVER returned my calls in the almost 2 months this had been dragging on. I finally received an email back after I said I would have to get the BBB involved. On 6/18/14 I got an email stating that they did not have our lower cabinets. I suggested that they could substitute another cream maple cabinet they have but Shop RTA said that was unacceptable as it was 3x the cost and that they could refund our money. I said that was fine, when could we expect our refund? Shop RTA did not answer that question until the Chicago area BBB intervened on 6/26/14. Shop RTA then said they would send out my refund on 7/7/14 and to "allow ample time for delivery". Two weeks passed with no refund. The BBB intervened again, asking when the refund would be sent. Shop RTA them emailed me saying they could send out even fewer cabinets than they had the first time they didn't have my complete order. I told them we had no confidence they would even complete our order after dealing with their customer service. Shop RTA then said my order was canceled and attached a pdf of a Chase Online Schedule a Payment with a Send by date of 7/23/14 and a Deliver by date of 7/30/14. It is now August 6th. Shop RTA responded to my assertion that their Chase pdf was a fake by basically saying "the check is in the mail". I pray it is. Our kitchen has been torn apart for 2 months now. When I went on the Chicago Area BBB website in April Shop RTA had a "B-" rating for a few return issues. Now they are solidly at an "F" and all of the complaints sound just like ours. Hopefully Shop RTA will do the right thing and clean up their act, otherwise, people should probably assume they are a scam and steer clear. This has been the most miserable consumer experience of our lives.

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40cca7a9, 2014-12-23, 12:30AM CST

I am also a victim of Frank Lamark. Received the same fraudulent bank refund pdf except mine was for Citibank. My email is [email protected] My name is Brandy. Please contact me. I am pursuing legal action against Lamark and

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