KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KLM staff obnoxious behavior to family

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 9:41am CDT by Andreas M.

Product: Flight transfer

Company: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Location: Amsterdamseweg 55

URL: http://www.klm.com/

Category: Airlines

Only a couple of months ago, KLM twitted a disrespectful, rude post against Mexico. But it is not only KLM marketing that behaves rudely. Read what my wife, my 8 months old son and myself had to suffer from KLMs employees at the Amsterdam Airport, back in 2010, when I had to re-schedule our flight and disembark in Amsterdam instead of Athens, but only after having repeatedly checked with their help desks (both in the US and Athens) that this is something I could do without trouble and without cost!

In a summary, we were informed that we should wait, have been fined more than 500 euros, were kept standing for hours in front of the KLM ticket office to pay and then more to retrieve our luggage, my wife and baby were crying from fatigue and despair, the KLM staff were ironic and indifferent, we were led to miss our booked and already paid train to Paris and buy new tickets.

For those of you that have the time and need to read more details for this, I attach a copy of the letter of complaint against KLM Airlines I had prepared at the time, complaining for misleading guidance, as well as for misconduct towards airline passengers (my wife, my 8 month baby boy and myself). I addressed the letter to KLM and the other members of their alliance (DELTA Airlines and AirFrance), as well as to the Greek Civil Aviation Authority, with little result.

I only hope that no other passenger and family will go through such a dreadful experience ever.

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