Tata Sky - False information about tata sky HD connection

Posted on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at 7:21am CDT by KHUSHBOO A.

Product: Tata Sky HD Box

Company: Tata Sky

Location: LUCKNOW, UTTAR PRADESH, 226021, IN

Category: TV, Music, Video

I have been using a Tata sky standard connection. My subscription ID is 1007695958. I wanted a HD connection for my other television, so i called at tata sky helpline number on 21/07/2014 to get all the information about it. I was told that there will be no activation charges n i will have to pay Rs2000 and at this price i will get the tata sky HD box and when i asked about HD services and channels i was told that i will get 2months hd access and recharge free with the tata sky HD box, so i asked them to install a HD connection.

On 22/07/2014 a service man came to install the connection, i told him many times not to make hole in my window but he damaged my window.He did the recharge of Rs2000 for me and when i spoke to the customer agent i was again told by the service man and the customer agent that i will get 2month HD services and recharge free, and after 2months its my wish if i want to continue to the HD service i will have to book a HD package if not i can still enjoy the standard package. So i gave Rs2000 to the service man and he told me that within 24hrs my HD channels will start. And he told me that my tata sky dish is supposed to be changed as its a rule made by the company, i asked him to come on Sunday 27/07/2014 but he didn't came and he didn't picked up my calls.

When the HD services on my television didn't got started within 24hrs i caled the tata sky helpline number and i had also send a message from my mobile number on 23/07/2014 and i was told that a tata sky customer executive will contact me but i did not got any response till 24/07/2014. So on 25/07/2014 i again called the tata sky customer service and told them my problem n asked them why my HD services has not started yet. Then i was told a completely opposite information which shocked me completely..I was told that i dont have a HD connection. To get the HD services i will have to upgrade my standard connection to HD connection at a cost of Rs990. And then i will have to choose a HD channel package according to my wish and choice and then Iam suppose to make a recharge monthly semi-annually or annually for the package i choose only then i will be able to get the HD services. If that was the procedure then i would have upgraded the standard connection which i already had to HD connection why would i get another connection.

After that on26/07/2014 i got a call from the tata sky customer executive regarding the calls and message done by me, i told the executive my problem and the false information given to me and the customer agent told me

i will receive a call from executive head regarding my problem, but no one contacted me so i again called the tata sky customer service on 27/07/2014 but they are not taking any step and everytime iam being told that an executive will contact me or a technichal head will contact me but no one is contacting me, my complaint is not getting executed.

I want my complaint to get executed very soon or i will sue the company for doing fraud with the customer and giving false information and not assisting the customer with their queries and problems properly


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