Twitch TV - Twitch TV Broadcasters have ZERO Rights

Posted on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at 9:55pm CDT by John T.

Product: Twitch TV Internet Game Streaming

Company: Twitch TV

Location: 225 Bush Street


Category: Games, Gaming Consoles

Twitch TV forces broadcasters using their site to agree to legalese that provides NO broadcaster rights at all.

Note section 16:

"Twitch reserves the right, without notice and in our sole discretion, to terminate your license...or to suspend your access... Your only Twitch Service."

Iow, they can do anything, including kick you off the site, even if you're completely innocent of wrongdoing. The only recourse to an arbitrary staff action is to leave. That should not be legal!

At Twitch TV, there's no means of arbitration at all. No appeal process in place. Large amounts of money are at stake, yet no one using the site has any genuine legal rights at all.

My son was unfairly terminated from Twitch by an anonymous "admin" who provided zero evidence of any written site rule being broken. Twitch TV destroyed months of hard work, reputation building, and a young man's dreams, wrongly and unfairly, without providing any objective reason. Their legalese says that's just fine! Can anything be done about it?

By providing Rules of Conduct, Twitch implies that broadcasters who operate within those rules may use the site in good faith. However, in reality, that's false advertising, because their legal agreements take away ALL rights of ALL users, and permit Twitch to terminate anyone at will, without presenting any evidence or offering any means of arbitration. This means broadcasters on the Twitch site who have built a following, a reputation, and have even accepted money from multiple donors and fans, can simply be thrown out on the whim of Twitch "staff members". This is what they did to my son - an honest, sincere, hardworking person who did NOTHING wrong, after months of building a good reputation there. I demand that Twitch institute some realistic and fair means of appeal and arbitration. They shouldn't be allowed to play "God" and destroy someone's business without ever providing a valid reason, and broadcasters there deserve some legal protection.


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