Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at 7:54pm CDT by 0b10f666

Product: Expedia Travel

Company: Expedia

Location: BAYONNE, WA, US

URL: Expedia.om

Category: Travel, Vacations


I booked a vacation with Expedia and after they took over $2,000 from my checking account they also took an additional $1,430 dollars in error. I called their awful customer service reps which are located in the Philippines and after talking to 9 of them I was finally transferred to a Supervisor after 30 minutes on hold then I was disconnected. It took me two days to get a Supervisor on the phone only to find out that they have no authority at all.

I challenge anyone to get a manager on the phone! After a few days of writing letters to their corporate office, the better business bureau in Washington State, Fox 5 news here in New York City, someone finally called me to gather information. This guy was the only one with any intelligence working at Expedia. My bank was able to get my $1,430 dollars back after a week!

The only thing Expedia was able to do for was give me $10.00 for an overdraft fee that I was hit with because they drained my checking account. They did not tell me what the root cause was. They didn?t even tell me why I should continue using their services moving forward.

My advice is to stay far away from them because of their lack of customer service. They will take your money without an issues but if there?s a problem you?ll feel extremely helpless. Their customer service doesn?t care about resolving issues. Buyer Beware consumers deserve better than this treatment.


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