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Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at 6:36am CDT by 66dbaabe

Product: Charles Lawrence

Company: Dance rogue

Location: chicago

Category: Entertainment

Charles Lawrence Dance Rougue does not have the connections to the Dance community he pretends to have. After numerous conversations I realized he looks people up online and pretends to know them by tweeting at them. The stars never tweet back. He does not know the famous Singers and dancers he pretends to. He has no worked with them either. The ones he may have at his conventions are PAID and not his friend. He does NOT work with or for Justin Beiber and he was NOT in any videos a child dancer and has not shown any one a picture with these people and is a FRAUD. He can't post a picture with them because he does not have them or a video with Janet because it does not exist. He does not know Krewella and his newest video is not of people from Krewella. Its just his dance class. Charles victimizes young girls by giving them false hopes with his fake connections. He does not make the salary he pretends to make and uses people cheaply to keep his "show". Look at the way he dances not very good himself and that's the indicator. He brain washes you into thinking he's better because he uses typical cult like tactics on his young staff and young girls. Giving Hollywood dreams to the followers. He uses famous names in his dance routine videos so u think he connected tot he artist and he is not and he does not even have permission from the artist to post them on Utube it's copyright infridgement.


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b1530318, 2015-03-09, 11:54AM CDT

Before I begin, I'd like to address both the first poster and the response by Mr. Lawrence.

Original Poster: You are absolutely right. He?s all smoke and mirrors and your use of the word "cult-like: is spot on.

Mr. Lawrence: I don't even know where to start. First of all, the tone in your response is entirely unprofessional. Secondly, do you live in a glass grammar house? Your grammar is atrocious and the errors on your website and in your emails and promotional items are many. There are many ways for you to professionally refute a statement that you don't agree with. Calling the poster uneducated and insulting their writing style (while making errors of your own, I might add) does not add to your credibility.

My comments: Mr. Lawrence misrepresents himself greatly. His background story changes frequently. The degrees, contacts, and connections he claims to have are full of half-truths. However, I'm not here to bash on his business style (which also changes frequently).

I'm writing because I do not feel this man should be around children. Let me repeat that. I DO NOT think this man should be around children. He uses mind games to play with the emotions and dreams of young girls. He has used his position of power to manipulate several young girls. He is being (and/or has been) investigated for inappropriate sexual relationships with several of his students. He's made threats to those with firsthand knowledge of this behavior.

Studios and parents beware. For the safety of your children, please do not book workshops through this man. Additionally, he's continuing to host classes and workshops. He's acting like none of this ever happened. I'm sick at the thought of the access he has to so many young girls. He needs to be stopped.

He's threatened the girls not to come forward. Well, that time is over. Bring it on. Once one of them speaks up (which is happening as I type), it's gonna snowball. Keep this scumbag away from your kids. I beg you.

Charles L., 2015-03-09, 04:45PM CDT







PRAT~ENSEN attorney:} ot law


SPRINGFIELD, MO 65804-3833

PHONE (417) 883?8200 FAX (417) 883-3165

March 3, 2015

Legal Assistants






RE: Abigail Feil v. Charles Lawrence Young III, Greene County Case No. 1431-DR01708

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Andy Scholz and I represent Charles Lawrence Young III in the above-listed

family law case in Springfield, Missouri. The basic facts of Charles' case are as follows. In

March of2013, Charles ended the relationship with his fiance Abigail Feil. At that point, Ms.

Feilleft their shared residence and took Charles' four-year-old daughter Reagan with her.

Charles begged Ms. Feil to not use Reagan as a pawn in the breakup, but she refused his requests

and secretly moved the child to Missouri. After discovering Reagan was in Missouri, Charles

retained my law firm and we filed an emergency motion for custody. This motion is set for

hearing on March 27th before Greene County Commissioner John Lukachick.

Although I cannot predict exactly how Commissioner Lukachick will rule at the March

27th hearing, I have a strong suspicion he will look unfavorably upon what Ms. Feil has done.

Under Missouri child custody laws, a judge can take into consideration the willingness of one

parent to foster a relationship with the other parent. In our case, Mr. Lawrence and I are asking

that Charles receive custody of Reagan since Ms. Feil has proven she does not consider Charles

to have any rights as a parent. Over the past few weeks it has become apparent Ms. Feil has

come to the conclusion that things might not work out as she originally planned and she is trying

to sabotage Charles in an effort to prevent him from gaining custody of Reagan.

Attorneys who routinely practice in the area of family law sometimes use the term "the

nuclear option." This term refers to instances where a parent makes an untrue allegation of

physical or sexual abuse against the other parent with the knowledge that such a serious claim

can make a judge reluctant to award custody. It is for this reason that I believe Ms. Feil sent the

February 26th email under the name "Dance Advocate" accusing Charles of something of which

he is completely innocent.

The investigations referenced in the email are non-existent and we

have tracked down each and every person alleged to be a victim. All these people have stated

clearly and unequivocally that they have never had any type of romantic relationship with

Charles and that Ms. Feil's accusations are completely untrue. However, the sad and unfortunate

truth is that sometimes all that is needed to destroy a person's reputation is an accusation. This

letter is sent to you in the hopes that you will keep an open mind about this accusation and

realize that some people will stop at nothing to try to achieve their goals in a family law case.

If you have any questions about this letter, please feel free to call me at my office or you

can reach me at [email protected]

Yours sincerely and respectfully, A.J S,LJ~

Andy slolz

Attorney at Law

cc: Charles Lawrence Young III

be94cadd, 2015-03-11, 11:28AM CDT

Nice to see these truths are finally getting recognition. I know one of the girls that he has worked with and I'd like to come forth and say although we were not under age, his remarks were inappropriate for someone in a "professional" manner. It made the whole enjoyable experience just turn false and very creepy. He was very convincing with his mind games to the point you were unsure of the real truth. When he don't get his way, yes he does threaten and intimidate anyone he can to the point of sending emails, and letters in the mail. He seems really insecure and desperate to be somebody to the point of doing anything! I feel he is a danger to the young girls and fear stalking and harassment to the point of trying to ruin someones future over it to hide his creepy ways. These are not false allegations they are our own experiences. we speak the truth our words are our facts, Charles Lawrence (young) why do u not use your real last name?

b1530318, 2015-03-09, 12:39PM CDT

There ARE allegations by students. The students won't respond because you've bullied them and scared them. The moms are. And it's not all anonymous, I promise you that.

I hope you're sweating because you KNOW it's true. Too many people have spoken up and shared similar stories. You don't mess with people's kids.

66dbaabe, 2015-03-09, 12:52PM CDT

Why not contact each and every studio he has worked with. This way he will be stopped. Tell everyone you know too in the dance world is a tight circle. Post flyers at the studio you attend and any one you come in contact with. This man must be stopped and I too believe he is a danger and SHOULD NOT be around young girls. He is a coward and a bully.

66dbaabe, 2015-03-09, 07:52PM CDT

That's poorly written for a lawyer.. looks like a cut and paste job by Charles Lawrence whose real last name is Young.

66dbaabe, 2015-03-09, 07:53PM CDT

That's poorly written for a lawyer.. looks like a cut and paste job by Charles Lawrence whose real last name is Young.

66dbaabe, 2015-03-09, 08:11PM CDT

I have nothing to do with Abagail but thanks for sharing her name. This only adds to the desperation of Charles Lawerence #DanceRogue. Abagail, we will find you and give you names of the other girls and families whom you may not even know about that Charles has victimized. If anyone hasn't noticed he picks primarily white middle class girls because if he did this crap in the inner city he'd really be the one fleeing Chicago. You white suburban parents better wake up and stop fueling this guys semi pedofilish ways. Money won't buy your daughter a spot. The chances of making it anywhere are slim to none and from what I can see none of them have any real talent. I talked to a few parents today and confirmed allegations in another state. To the "lawyer" letter TROFLMAO if you were my lawyer writing such a bullsh*t letter i'd fire you on the spot. must got your degree from a box of corn flakes. im going to make an anonymous email and post it for the victims of the girls to send their info to so we can go to the police on this douche bag Charles.

b1530318, 2015-03-10, 12:01AM CDT

Let's start with this lawyer's letter. Because in March of 2013, you two were still together. Charles and Abigail got engaged in December of 2013. I believe they were in the Philippines. I seem to remember a picture by a waterfall. (I'm just pointing this out to let you know that I remember things. So, when the story changes, I know.) Then, sometime shortly after, she discovered pictures, videos, and messages on Charles' computer. She turned them into authorities and left with his daughter. So... I'm pretty sure YOU didn't break up with HER in 2013. This all happened last year - 2014.

Charles did not see his daughter for almost a year. Now, I believe he is only entitled to supervised visits. Over a break up? Please.

I cannot believe, that no matter the allegations against you, that you just posted your child's name on a public forum.

I understand that this lawyer is paid to believe you. But, I don't. And neither do the countless Dance Rogue parents and employees that have been spoken to. And I do mean countless. There are a few holdouts, but many of the parents know, have shared the information, and are appalled by this news. I have just recently found out exactly how many parents know - and how many studios were unhappy with your behavior.

I can assure any readers that there was indeed an investigation. There is currently an investigation. Studios have refused to have him back because of either inappropriate conduct on his part or having heard about the girls he has victimized. Girls. Plural. In several states. I have names. Moreso, I personally know one of the girls.

I don't find it necessary to insult the talent of children - they were just kids. But you are right in saying that he has a type. He chose girls without strong father figures, girls whose parents didn't necessarily hang out and watch the workshops - he knew what he was doing.

And finally, as I said, I personally know one of the victims. (No alleged...victim. Plain and simple.) She's never been contacted by your office. I sincerely doubt that anyone else has either.

Charles, you need to stop. What you did was wrong. You altered the lives of these girls forever. You jeopardized the reputations of your staff. You took money from parents who trusted you and you took advantage of their children. I honestly do not know how you sleep at night. If you really believed all of those sappy positive posts you make all the time, you'd do the right thing. Admit what you did. Pay your dues for it. Stop acting like it didn't happen. That's almost as insulting as the original act.

66dbaabe, 2015-03-11, 08:41AM CDT

I keep thinking... Jerry Sandusky - Penn State, same abuse of power patterning here.

f7437238, 2015-03-11, 06:59PM CDT

This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. I trained as one of Charles' students for almost two years. He flirted with me and made passes at me when I first started. I was only 16, and also without a father figure as many of the girls he targeted. Luckily my family was very protective and he never tried anything more than that, but I can vouch for the mind games he plays. Once he realized that I wouldn't fall for his tricks, he started to treat me so horribly that I would dread the next workshop in the area that I would be expected to go to. I would come home crying every night after a workshop.

He draws girls in with scholarships and titles like "Protege" and "Pupil" to make dancers feel good about themselves as well as give them an incentive to come back to another workshop. As a person who traveled with him to many cities, I heard his "story" change several times over the years. I can personally vouch that Abigail is wonderful person and its such a shame that she and her daughter have been affected by this messed-up man's actions.

9dc2ba3f, 2015-03-12, 01:25PM CDT

This sickens me, but unfortunately it does not surprise me. My daughter attended one of Mr. Lawrence's workshops and after our experience, I refused to have her participate in another one.

I had heard good things about Charles as a dance teacher and my daughter and I were very excited about the opportunity. However, when I saw the way he interacted with a few of the dancers, I was sickened. It was very obvious that this was not a typical student/teacher relationship.

My suspicions were confirmed when I talked with some other parents. There are some very serious concerns about the way he interacts with his students and some of the things he says to them.

Nothing happened to my daughter, thankfully, and I'm happy that I followed my gut instinct and did not take her back. Unfortunately, other girls have been subject to this child predator and he needs to be stopped from ever working with children again.

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