Dance rogue - Liar and Conman

Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at 6:36am CDT by 66dbaabe

Product: Charles Lawrence

Company: Dance rogue

Location: chicago

Category: Entertainment

Charles Lawrence Dance Rougue does not have the connections to the Dance community he pretends to have. After numerous conversations I realized he looks people up online and pretends to know them by tweeting at them. The stars never tweet back. He does not know the famous Singers and dancers he pretends to. He has no worked with them either. The ones he may have at his conventions are PAID and not his friend. He does NOT work with or for Justin Beiber and he was NOT in any videos a child dancer and has not shown any one a picture with these people and is a FRAUD. He can't post a picture with them because he does not have them or a video with Janet because it does not exist. He does not know Krewella and his newest video is not of people from Krewella. Its just his dance class. Charles victimizes young girls by giving them false hopes with his fake connections. He does not make the salary he pretends to make and uses people cheaply to keep his "show". Look at the way he dances not very good himself and that's the indicator. He brain washes you into thinking he's better because he uses typical cult like tactics on his young staff and young girls. Giving Hollywood dreams to the followers. He uses famous names in his dance routine videos so u think he connected tot he artist and he is not and he does not even have permission from the artist to post them on Utube it's copyright infridgement.

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Business Reply  Charles L., 2014-08-13, 04:39PM CDT

Thank you for your uneducated opinions. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, doesn't make it true though. However, I do believe there should be a requirement by this website that the person filing a "complaint" use correct grammar and spelling at least, since the "consumer" is allowed to post anonymously allowing the "consumer" to make malicious and false statements as well as accusations. Sounds like this "consumer has never attended a Dance Rogue workshop before if you had, you would be better informed.

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