h.h. gregg appliances & electronics - the worse of the worse

Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 12:25pm CDT by james s.

Product: samsung electric stove

Company: h.h. gregg appliances & electronics

Location: 4205 sw 38th st suite 102 ocala fl 34474
OCALA, FL, 34474, US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

we purchased a appliance pack from store in ocala fl for a house we just purchased in feb 2014.little did I know my life was about to turn into a stressful phone calls etc, somrthing we weren't planning on in our 70s..when our appliance arrived no stove, we weren't notify ahead of time by salesman or manager,I called the sales man who swore he had been calling for 2days,unknown to him I have answering machine and caller ID,there had been no calls..since then it's been talking to one liar after another.gainsville customer service said,they knew when they sold you the package that no stoves in warehouse.finally the saleman calls me ,stove will be deliever 8/2/14.ok..then we receive 2 calls one on july 27th confirming stve being delv. 7/28 I call and say I will be out of town ,confirm for 7/29..no stove..the worse part is being treated so badly by this store,they act no you didn't talk to anyone it was a robo call.that they sold a stove they knew they didn't have I think is fraud ...they never offer to upgrade me to another samsung stove..the last time I called on 8/29 they said manager wasn't there and I was sent to appliances.how can you sell something you don't have?????


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