AMERIPRISE AUTO AND HOME - Ameriprise Auto Insurance Cheats Its Insureds

Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at 1:15pm CDT by Harold T.

Product: Ameriprise Automobile Insurance


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Before you purchase a renters, life or umbrella policy read this review. Protect yourself from one of the biggest insurance mistakes.

I was with the Costco Ameriprise Home and Auto insurance company for over seven years. During the seven years I was paying insurance premiums there were no claims of any type filed.

There were no broken glass claims. No paint damage claims. No vandalism or comprehensive claims of any kind.

The only time you know if an insurance company will keeps its word is when you file a claim. The time to review the reputation, honesty, reliability and trust of any company is before you purchase their auto insurance policies.

If I had known that American Express was behind Ameriprise I would never have purchased their policies. Costco has their reputation on the line every time Ameriprise cheats their customers.

American Express strong arm tactics are legendary. We tried them for customer credit card processing for about a week. In that week our American Express fraud losses went through the roof. We cancelled American Express credit card processing immediately.

Costco does not work for free. Ameriprise pays the standard fifteen percent new business agents commission to Costco Wholesale. Ameriprise also pays Costco Wholesale the agents reoccurring renewal commission for each year you renew.

It is no secret you could save fifteen percent off of your insurance premiums by dumping the agent. You could buy genuine Tiffany diamonds at Costco with the money you save. Now that you know Costco is eating your insurance premiums do you still love Costco?

A car driven by a felon ran into the back of my vehicle totaling the vehicle out. Ameriprise was very secretive constructively refusing to cooperate with the investigation. A few times the Ameriprise claims adjuster flat out lied.

Frankly I am not surprised the felon was insured by Legacy which is part of Farmers Insurance Group. Since a prior conviction suggests the felon is likely to recommit the felon was probably carrying only the statutory mandatory legal minimum coverage.

This translates into a uninsured and underinsured claim against Ameriprise Auto and Home. This is not covered by their fast free quotes.

Ameriprise decided to total my vehicle out and provided what their total loss adjuster Michael W. Bannochie called Comparables to justify his offer amount.

Comparables according to Ameriprise is a market analysis that represents the average price that a vehicle comparable to yours would be selling for in Auto Trader, your local newspaper and the dealerships.

Comparables are nonsense since they do no represent the maintenance history and market condition of your specific vehicle. The true value of your vehicle is what a third party would be prepared to pay cash for.

Since I do not trust Ameriprise insurance company I called some of the owners of the vehicles to see what their story was.

I discovered sales managers that flatly denied their dealerships ever had any such vehicles in stock. I asked them to double check and they were adamant. No such vehicles. Ameriprise does not deserve your trust.

Lying settles the integrity question. Dishonest Ameriprise had created phony comparables.

Any company willing to create phony comparables is capable of writing phony reviews.

Obviously Ameriprise is engaging in bad faith by adopting a policy of creating phony comparables so they can underpay their total loss payouts.

Creating phony market analysis comparables is dishonest.

Whether you call them scammers or scam artists Ameriprise will cheat you. Any insurance company that does not honor their contracts is the worst.

You will not see these tactics mentioned on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Learn how to buy quality car insurance.

Friendly total loss adjuster Michael W. Bannochie threatened that if I refused to accept his offer he would force me into arbitration.

My head neck and back were very sore as you might expect when you are rear ended.

Jamie Hendricks was the lead adjuster assigned to handle my claim. He wasted no time threatening me with claim denial if I attempted to file any personal injury claims.

Jamie Hendricks made it crystal clear that Ameriprise intended on denying the personal injury protection also called PIP and had no intention of honoring the terms of their insurance contract.

After all of this incredible dishonesty Ameriprise wanted me to participate in their customer service satisfaction survey. Ameriprise hopes you will say something positive so they can use your statements against you if you decide to sue them for breach of contract.

I do not recommend Ameriprise. The best I can say about my experience is that Costco Ameriprise Auto Insurance is no good. They should add my review to their professional resume. Call me for a reference.

Some of you want to know what offices lead adjustor Jamie Hendricks and total loss adjuster Michael W. Bannochie 13668 N 79th Lane, Peoria AZ actually work in. Our investigation suggests that at least one of these employees is at the old American Express management hideout in Phoenix Arizona.

In 2013 the Ameriprise CEO earned an estimated forty six million dollars.

Ameriprise is the cheapest refusing to pay legitimate well documented claims. Insurance companies that refuse to pay off on legitimate claims are known as no pays.

I expect Ameriprise will offer a catastrophic virus protection policy. This special coverage will be effective in the event ISIS Islamic militants bomb major American cities with EBOLA infected corpses. An expert should examine the fine print carefully to see if a miracle cure beheading clause is hidden in the contract.

The big news is that with the capturing of the Syrian airbase at Tabqa, ISIS has no need for Ameriprise Investment Services. The airbase is loaded with fighter jets and plenty of ammunition. ISIS has outstanding career opportunities available for experienced pilots. Salary plus commission. Terrorist experience not necessary. Direct flights from Liberia and Sierra Leone to Washington DC and New York City to begin immediately.

I plan on running a free criminal background check before engaging in any new insurance business. This way I can verify whether an insurance company is really top rated.

Ameriprise is very expensive and definitely not cheap. Not the insurance carrier experts would choose. My current insurer is definitely cheaper.

My best advice if you are ever involved in any type of motor vehicle accident and are insured by Ameriprise or are struck by an Ameriprise insured is to complain loudly about head, neck and back pain at the scene of the accident.

Call 911 and ask for an emergency ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital.

At the hospital complain about head pain, double vision, neck and back pain. Make sure you are convincing with the emergency room doctors about your injuries.

Immediately contact a prominent plaintiffs attorney for immediate representation.

Do not discuss the accident with Ameriprise or any of their private investigators.

Make sure you instruct the hospital that Ameriprise or any of their agents are not allowed in your hospital room. Make sure the hospital staff understands they are not allowed to discuss your medical injuries with Ameriprise.

Your attorneys should make any Ameriprise required accident statements.

This protective strategy guarantees that you will receive adequate compensation from Ameriprise. I do not plan on doing any new business with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled the truth is an absolute defense.


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