Whirlpool - Whirlpool fridge under warranty not fixed after 35 days

Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 at 6:41am CDT by Walt B.

Product: Whirlpool Black Ice, French Door refrigerator

Company: Whirlpool

Location: US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

The new Black Ice refrigerator, bought with a matching set (stove, dishwasher and microwave included) worked beautifully for nine months. It is a relatively high-end machine, with great features, but suddenly began warming up at around the middle of June. We at first thought this was due to a defrost cycle, so we waited over a weekend and called Whirlpool on the following Monday, which was June 16th.

We had placed an appliance thermometer inside on a rack, to have a reading we could convey to Whirlpool for the call. Whirlpool set up an appointment with a service technician, who came out and did a check on the refrigerator, then he called to order some parts.

It took well over a week for those parts, which appeared to be circuit boards, and some days before the tech came out to install them. Once he did install the parts, he deemed the refrigerator working and left.

Later on, we checked and saw that the temperature had gone up to about 57 degrees inside, and we found our milk and condiments, along with leftovers and other things, had gone bad and needed tossing out. The freezer was still cold, however, as the compressor was still working, but cold air was not reaching the refrigerator part. Ice in the ice maker kept melting and dripping into the tray at the water dispenser.

We called the technician back, informing him that his repairs did not fix the problem, but he said to call Whirlpool for another work order, which we did. A rep at Whirlpool told us to call the technician back again, which we did, and were once again told to call Whirlpool for another work order. Finally, after this runaround, Whirlpool made another service appointment with the same technician.

The tech came out and did some more checks on the machine, then he used his thermometer to measure the temperature inside. He said he read 40 degrees there and because he saw ice in the ice maker, which happened during a cool spell overnight, he said he thought all was well. then he left. But later that afternoon, after checking the temperature on our thermometer and seeing 54 degrees there, we found four more thermometers and placed them alongside the first one. Later on, we checked and found all five thermometers reading from 55 to 58 degrees, owing to natural, slight differences between like products, showing us that our readings were correct.

We called Whirlpool back and complained about this. We had three tech visits; first a check for the problem, then for the installation of ordered parts, and then a checkup that resulted in no resolution to our problem. A lot of time had gone by between each visit, and all this time we have been without the proper use of our refrigerator, and we are still under the last bit of our warranty. We then made a request for a new replacement, figuring we had suffered enough. This was not a dishwasher or any other product we could work around if necessary, but something we desperately need for our food and some medications we need to keep on the cool side. After this request, we were told they would require a second opinion before such a consideration, so Whirlpool made another appointment for repairs with a different company.

The next technician came out some days afterwards. I had him read our thermometers first before turning off the refrigerator, which he did. He then used a different type of device for reading temperatures by pointing at various areas. He found our readings to be correct. We told him about the new parts already installed that did not resolve the problem, so he figured we needed a new condenser fan and that he would order that and install it for us.

Later on, the tech called and said the part he needed was on back order at Whirlpool and no one had any idea where one was or when it would arrive. This was frustrating to say the least. He asked that we wait a couple of days, to see if the part could be located, before calling Whirlpool, which we did.

It had already been 35 days since the first call since the refrigerator went on the fritz, so we called Whirlpool back and told them that we had passed the time requested of us for the potential repairs by the second technician, which was for the second opinion Whirlpool wanted. We were told that they had no record of the part on back order, which surprised us, and then they said they were shipping a condenser fan to our home. They could not reach this second technician and asked us to call and try to reach him. We called but got no response as yet. We wanted to see if the part being sent to us was what he needed to hopefully fix our refrigerator, and to set up an appointment for him to come out and install whatever parts were being sent to us. We have been unable to make contact thus far, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will before too long.

Our problem has been the sheer and total frustration of not having the use of a new refrigerator for this long. We believe 35 days is far too long, and we have no assurance that our problem will be rectified before this time is extended even further. Everyone we have spoken to has been nice and polite, and the technicians seemed concerned about our problem, but the end result, mostly because we keep getting a different person when we call Whirlpool, is that it feels like we are getting the runaround. It is already too late for a quick resolution, but we hope something will happen to alleviate our pains and frustrations over this. We would prefer now to get a new replacement refrigerator, believing that ours seems to be a lemon or difficult to fix, even with several new parts already installed. It is not that Whirlpool has not made attempts to fix the refrigerator, but that no attempts have worked thus far and too much time has gone by while living in this substandard condition. Refrigerators are far too important and totally necessary, so even a week would be too long without the adequate use of one. 35 days...and counting...seems far, far too long. We love the set, and this refrigerator is beautiful and great when working properly. But, so far it is not. Where do we go from here?


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