Ryanair - Horrible Airline and Hidden fees

Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 at 2:49pm CDT by David G.

Product: Flights

Company: Ryanair

Location: Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin Republic of Ireland

Category: Airlines

On March 30th 2014 we flew Ryanair our of Beauvais France (BVA) to Madrid Spain. The tickets sounded like a great deal, until we got to the airport and found out we had to pay another $140 euro for boarding passes. When we attempted to explain that we paid for internet time in the terminal, but were not successful at printing. The rep at the counter all of a sudden did not speak english or spanish was rude and started to roll her eyes without care. I caught this, because I asked her a question in spanish moments earlier and she answered. When My wife after asking to speak to a supervisor asked a question later in spanish, she a lll of a sudden did not understand. We paid the additional charge and went back to check our luggage. We then were told there were more charges for our bag (under weight) that were not included apparently. We paid the extra fees and finally were told we could get in line. We proceeded to get in line which was a huge disaster and with no logic or system in place or completely poorly executed and took 2 hours. The lines began to severely back up, they began shifting customers back and forth between lines and ultimately the plane had to leave late because everyone (not exaggerating) were still going through screening. Quite frankly, I am not confident that everything and one was checked correctly. Once on the plain, the conditions and cleanliness of the plane were noticeably lacking and even a few pieces were broken (I have pictures). Refreshments were offered at unreasonable prices for example, 6oz pepsi was 2.50 euro and all prices went up from there. The pilot must have been new, because the entire flight was filled with drastic turns, turbulence and ultimately our landing was the most frightening I've ever experienced. I joking told my wife that I would not be surprised if the plane was going to land in the grass when we got to Madrid. Shockingly, when the pilot landed he had to hard jerk the plane to the left because he was so close to the grass it did look like we had landed in it. We couldn't wait to get off the plane. But when we did, surprise surprise! We had to wait another 45 minutes in baggage claim before our luggage began to roll. I will never use this airline again and will commit additional time to make sure others know what service and horrible experience we had! I did reach out to Ryanair, they were only to eager to point out what we had done wrong when attempting to print out boarding passes and did not address any of my other concerns


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