TD bank - TD bank wouldn't let me take out my $, ruined a special night and embarrassed me

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 3:56pm CDT by 4918d944

Company: TD bank

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

I am writing this review for td bank in general. I have been with this bank from back when it was family bank, then bank north up to the present! Total I would say at least 20yrs! This past weekend, I was heading to RI to my sons wedding! I was in charge of the rehearsal dinner which was going to be an expensive venue! I had transferred money out of one account into another to handle this! I also called td bank to notify them that I would be spending more money than normal and that I would be out of state! I was told by customer service to send a fax with my acct info and 3 signatures to the fax number provided! I did not have a total as the evening involved an open bar! On the fax I stated an amount that I knew was going to be more than I needed but with hotel costs, dinner costs and unknown open bar costs, I wanted to be safe! I sent the fax and checked my on line balance and I was good to go! Fast forward to the evening, wonderful night with lots of family and friends! The wedding planner was handling paying the Bill for me so I did not have to be interrupted! Well all of a sudden, the wedding planner said my card was declined! Impossible I thought! The money is in there, I sent the fax....a quick little call will straighten it out! What should have been simple turned into a nightmare which kept me on the phone with TD bank for over an hour! The payment was for $7500 and my account had over $11k! I was told that my fax was voided out and that my cap was for 5k! They wanted me to send another fax! I can't. I am at a high end restaurant, at my sons rehearsal dinner! I need someone to help me fix this! You agree the $ is there, you agree I had sent a fax! Supervisor got on the phone and said unfortunately the dept that increases the amount is not a dept we can communicate with! I was left in tears, embarrassed, confused and very angry! Shame on you TD bank for not taking care of you're customer! I wasn't borrowing money it was my money! Nobody cared, nobody could help! I had no other credit card on me at this event! Thank god my brother stepped in to help! I will never forget or forgive this and will be closing my accts! I will tell everyone I come in contact with about this and have them boycott td bank!


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